Carla Geneve at Fremantle Arts Centre

Carla Geneve at Distant Murmurs 2018. Photographer: Emma Bruns

Carla Geneve at Distant Murmurs 2018. Photographer: Emma Bruns

i'm making some white noise for my mind right now. it's made out of avey tare's 'ocean', and bukowski reading out his 'confession'. if i added another track it would be the thoughts and dreams of a juvenile pacific gull, dark brown and dark grey wings, who was getting out of my way this morning as i ran into the sea with a surfboard under my arm.

i went out and the pacific gulls moved from the shore and i used the surfboard like a pacific gull might try to use its wing for the very first time, when it can't yet fly. that surfboard was a hard alien unwieldable thing i desperately wanted to be one with and balance on top of and into but could not.

when carla geneve first picked up a guitar it was probably like that. the first time you try you can't even get your finger to hold down a string, but now, she is like whoever did the stunts for patrick swayze in point break, or more like someone in a real surf movie, ripping it up naturally, effortlessly and with either a smile or a listless look but not much effort because the instrument has become sufficiently part of her.

what a super star! she played at the fremantle arts centre last weekend, with a drummer and bass player who were not quite swayze standard, but that was fine because they didn't over play or overwhelm her, not that that would be easy to do. carla, geneve, is like a new paul kelly i think. great big nice voice, the presence of a star, cool songs that will just get better as she gets older and older, shedding her dark brown and dark grey feathers for the white ones and the orange beak that will one day take her 'foraging along the coasts between the high-water mark and shallow water on sandy beaches, feeding mainly on molluscs, fish, birds and other marine animals,' or hummous.

will she get a manager so she can make a certain type of 'the most' from her songs, presence, voice, like superstar Stella Donnelly has? it's nice for people to play songs in their room or in their own town, but it's also nice when they get flown about to sing for strangers everywhere. that's what some benevolent music-loving business-minded person should scoop her up and do.

now we're up to 'friendly advice to a lot of young men' in bukowski's voice on the computer shuffle and animal collective's 'always you'.

i went to another show on the weekend and it was like this: "watching guys do things". i don't think about everything in this way, always, but sometimes i can't/don't help it. i wondered if things like this happen because the females aren't brought up to do things that are as fun. don't judge me - this was just one of my thoughts. i remember getting home from the bus one time and saying to my parents "i made a new friend on the bus… and she's not into girls' things!". so happy to find someone who also wanted to build cubbies and get out into the bush and the coastal dirt.

but yes, the scarborough night was a "watching guys skateboarding" and then "watching guys playing music" type of night at a big warehouse by the beach. it reminded me of my early teenage years - watching guys do things - watching them watch surf movies and pack bongs, watching them dry weed in the oven and doing the dishes for them when i got bored - in the wobbly time when i stopped being as much of an agent of my own destiny and slipped into the general ways of the world for a while. a chilean guy standing next to me said that scarborough was much more exciting than fremantle at the moment, with this great show as an example, but i didn't buy his argument even though he had a nice accent.

Anyway, there we go. i heard that carla geneve, benjamin witt and the debbie downers were the highlight of the distant murmurs show at the rosemount, according to my friend who is obsessed with the israeli-palestinian conflict and explained to me why the BDS is so important, even for musicians. what is BDS? go have a look. what is a pacific gull? likewise. should you be carla geneve's manager? only you can make that call… 

p.s. also! at the norfolk on jan 26th there was a fantastic iteration of the 'spaceman antics' band that was better than ever, but could still get better. great songs, great spirit, great drumming. it was exciting, but just needs more or less time in the oven to be 100% (insert emoji where you kiss the tips of your fingers like after making a fantastico meal). ~i liked~.

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