Finding beauty in the year that was | | 2017 highlights and 2018 inspirations


oi hello.

it's a new year! rejoice! maybe 2017 was lame, even if you were in peacetime. maybe it was full of magical marbles pelting at you and leaving sweet multicoloured patterns across your beaming face. whatever, it's a new one now!

these are my resolutions: get botox; eat plastic; spit on things.

well, the last one might be fun, maybe i should actually do it.

what are your new years resolutions? listen to some blues? plant a flower? good choices.

here are some of my highlights of 2017. remember: whenever you do a great thing, someone's thinking 'woh, what a great thing!' even if they don't tell you to your face.

all my friends and people i hardly know were pumping out beauty in 2017, and i'm sharing it with you as an inspiration to make your life livable.

2017 the highlights/2018 the inspiros!

our friend jarrod went to the detention centre on manus island on a tiny boat with a priest and a videographer to listen to people's stories there and try to be useful

our friends rachel and matt went through the whole process to become foster parents

our friend kate poured hours into a thing called 'safer venues wa' which made a few things change for the better in a few places

our friend nick wrote great songs that will comfort and excite people in times when they need either of those

our friend matt was a great dad to his son and to his friend's son

our friend tristan hosted cool movie nights with his girlfriend at their place that made people happy

our friend matt (#3) kept a canoeing club going where anyone can just go use canoes on the river

our friend tom made a beautiful video installation including images of swans surfing in the river

our friend sophie made a cool band called body type and did great shows with her friends

our friend stella got famous for music and used her voice to care about other women

our friend nicko defended lots of protesters in court for free

our friend tiffany learned how to climb trees and went and lived up in one for a week and saved it

our friend antony volunteered on camps for kids with parents in prison during his holidays from being a nurse

our friend lucy wrote songs about periods and made people more excited about their periods

our friend leonie taught creative writing to little kids

our friend alex helped kids from housing commission flats make trap songs and videos even though he's not that into trap

our friend tahlia did her first photo exhibition

our friend jordan got his friends together to help him work out how to teach his private boys school students about masculinity and gender in a positive way

our friend carla sang and wrote beautiful songs

our friend simon maintained a great red beard, played dungeons and dragons, and only wrote constructive things on facebook

our friend byron explained local plants and animals through the milennial ages to people in a talk at a music festival

meanwhile, all the plants and animals and rocks and streams and oceans and breezes and clouds of many kinds were expressing their own beauty, moment by moment, just through physical and spiritual existance.

see, it's not that hard to be a legend. harder as a human because we complicate it, but still not that hard. good luck to us all.


Amber Fresh