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459 Fitzgerald Street
North Perth, WA, 6006

The Amber Fresh Chronicles

Of Magpies, Colin Barnett, Ponds and Wasps

Andrew Ryan

 Nick Allbrook v The Popo. Still from Tahlia Palmer video 'All Organs and Organisms Join in the Protecting of a Wetland' "

Nick Allbrook v The Popo. Still from Tahlia Palmer video 'All Organs and Organisms Join in the Protecting of a Wetland'"

what is a pond? that's the question i'm going to answer you today. next week i'll tell you how and why our state premier colin is a liar, just before the election, with a little bit of detail, but this week it's the pond.

new things happen when you get connected to a body of water. we made a pond in the backyard, me and matt the soft and reliable permaculturalist. as soon as we poured the water in a wasp came and never left. we'd made a new place for him, without thinking of it, and he moved right in. sometimes the best things happen without thinking of it. at the pond show on saturday there was a special moment where i looked out from the wooden perch i was on, hundreds of sweat heads before and behind me, and i saw all the guys with their heads pointing in opposite directions. jay, jamie, joe, james and nick. this is because they weren't thinking, they were just music. at these moments the crowd became music too, all except nick odell because he's not into kanye.

i've been going a lot to watch bulldozing. i cry at the sidelines, get angry and scrape my anger along the fences in the form of my knuckles or a fallen newspaper. one day as i cried til i was nearly puking in front of the arrogant cop beside me who'd asked me if i had a job, paper bark trees getting crunched before me, everything getting crunched before me, i realised the way you can do it. it becomes like shaving your head, or weeding a whole garden, or throwing away everything you own: once you get started it just feels good to keep going. the pleasure of deleting everything. i saw the destructive meditation this man in the dozer was making, on and on and on. like this, you could clear every forest in the whole world and at some point we will.

i imagine colin now in his room, casting out wishes for a last breath, and the trees - because they don't think, just give and take evenly of the energy before and through them - give him his last breath. lazarus* comes down too, dipping a mining contract in water and squeezing it out so the drips fall onto colin's feet instead of into his mouth. lazarus is a man, and so he's capable of evil and of good.

not the trees, they're just capable of giving and taking, growing and falling.

i was touching my friend's arms who in the daytime orders the destruction of forests and in the nighttime goes to the gym and thinks about taking me up in the fremantle ferriswheel. from the ferriswheel you can see everything: cops giving move on notices to all the brown people, tiny birds falling from their nests as their tree is toppled in 20 seconds, carrier ships going to and from the port, half-laden with highlighters and plastic folder books and mouse pads for shitbarn(officeworks).

anyway, i touched his arms and said "but what's the point of going to the gym if you don't do anything strong?" and "just do a strong thing and quit your job."

anyway on saturday this was the first pond show james was playing where i could hear his drum style coming through. that's probably why nick odell didn't like it as much and why i did.

nick terry and his lady were beside me at the show, down on the ground. a few days later i watched him in the courtroom, doing his job but for free, speaking in the language of the magistrate to call up all the material facts but also their meaning, to get light sentences for the middle-aged women who'd locked themselves to trees in thinking of the ponds below where all the water goes. you can't lock yourself to a pond, the water runs right through. you can't handcuff a pond for good or evil purposes, it just flows.

i see lazarus in colin's bedroom, a human image of yin and yang, the black and white of a magpie. the black and white are both necessary, and of course, black doesn't represent evil, just the blackness of a feather, or a pupil, the only way we call all see the truth. my meditation is like this: inwards and outward, the black pupil to the outward, the closed eye blackness to the inward, the give and take that makes things intuitive and right.

and a few days after that i was on the psych's couch, and she sent me into my recurring magpie dream through hypnosis, showing me the once frightening magpie was a part of me, and getting me to feed it some cloud, hypnotised smile across my face, which i knew she could see because her voice changed.

we see through our ears too, etc.

what is a pond? what is a magpie? what is a liar? all these questions are easy to answer, especially if you are a wasp.
            white, anglosaxon, protestant, not protestor. 



*lazarus, back from the dead, symbol of extinction, symbol of the rich man and the beggar, symbol of miracles that can only last a lifetime etc etc, look this up if u like to go deep

 still from tahlia palmer video 'All Organs and Organisms Join in the Protecting of a Wetland'

still from tahlia palmer video 'All Organs and Organisms Join in the Protecting of a Wetland'