Stone's Throw 20th Anniversary @ The Rosemount, 16/09/16

photo credit: Isolation Nation

the guy who i see the most at the moment jumps the fence to get to our backyard. it's a small tall fence between three or four yards and he hikes up his sarong and clambers over. we can hear him in the house, and in their house they can hear me, when i hike my body up and over the corrugations, making happy bruises on the way. 

this guy has been singing "egyptian lover, egyptian lover" around the place in a kind of robot voice for the last month, in between when we all talk about latex, birds, our friends, etc. and him and others put on clips of mndsgn (mind design) and get excited. but see, sometimes when i get to go to shows i feel like a lil dawg, a lil fraud, because it's not me who's getting egyptian lover robots on the mind.

well, this special label, stone's throw, were having their 20th birthday, and i didn't know anything about it but i went. it seemed strange as usual, all mainly monochrome perth people dressed quite similarly about to see music of a particular culture that's far far away but is firmly entrenched, all vaped in to their pores over much time in smoke machined rooms, backyards, headphones, everyone dipped in the hats and shirts and music. it's beautiful and weird. i can't write about the music because of course it was great but i don't know how. mndsgn felt new and collaged and sweet and delicate and strong, egyptian lover felt heavy nostaglic and skilled and confusing and i wondered how people were internally reacting to him saying he "likes the lesbian bitches" as one of the types of bitches that he'd like to get amongst. 

yes, there's still always that way to see things, and i couldn't help it, but sometimes it's a mirage. when mdsgn was playing, a woman came up behind him on the stage and started undressing. he was just playing and she was just undressing, taking her collared shirt on and off her shoulder, taking her fleshy (what else would it be, but it was really that way) nipple in and out of her shirt. 'oh man.' i thought 'does it have to be everywhere like this, men making the music, women in the background just taking off their clothes?' but in the end it wasn't part of the show. it was just some lady dancing and wanting to show off her haircut and nipples and moves. 

there was cool dancing though, out in the very edge of the whole place. me and the fence jumper were walking along the periphery of the rosemount, all the perth people on all the sides, and then there were these three shy people popping and locking squeezed up by the window. this was a very cool sight to behold. i used to go to break jams occasionally, with a nice bboy from jandakot. they'd all cook pasta together and then get in the cipher. it was true bliss in fact, true story, and some of the breaking was great. so these three were very shy and very just into doing their popping, locking, and shy looks at each other. two, a girl and guy, were very thin and looked like they could have easily been into world of warcraft and dressing up as into breaking. maybe both can exist in the same human. 

well, kids kept calling out to the fence jumper because of his teklife tshirt, saying "RIP DJ Rashad!" and "teklife!" and it was a happy moment for him. and tristan fidler was there - see, this is the thing, tristan is just a guy, like dj rashad, that everyone should know about, or at least he should have a growing cult following, and when someone wears a 'rich tapestry' shirt, people should call out "long live t-fid". one day. 

we saw mei saraswati play there too, everyone in the room probably thinking the same thing as i did - she should be on the big stage - even though it was not her best ever show. i was watching a florist called lauren sitting on the floor in front of her, her smooth hair brushed gently backwards from her face, her nice schooly shoes, her soft features, and she loved it so deeply. yes, mei should be going 'straight to the pool room', as in the main stage, where she belongs. 

so, dancing, teklife, t-fid, egypt egypt. all of it playing its part for a cool night where i was lost but everyone else was deep in, hearing the sounds they've grown attached too, inspired by, musically nurtured by. thanks for the free ticket, next time i'll do some more research.

Amber Fresh