Radiothon, Blu-Tak, Private Viewings

This weekend the special things went thus: David Craddock was warming up and doing sound checks at the big little venue called The Bakery. I waltzed in there before the place was open, with Nora Zion who sits on a stool when she sings, and lets her curly hair hang down, and lets her beautiful untamed eyebrows frame her personality. Nora and me took little gobs of blu-tak from Chris Wheeldon, with his soft cropped blonde hair, and stuck posters up around the place with all the names and times of all the bands – all our friends and all amazing.

So Davey Craddock was there and I called out to him, “Davey, please will you play some songs, just to us?” “Just to you!?” “Yes, just to us!” He was shy about it, and people started arriving, people like Lovely Luke Dux and Lovely Todd Pickett, Davey’s two dark-haired stage companions, and like I said he was being shy, but he still said: YES

Great word that, the YES…

Me, and Davey, and Matt Aitken sat out in the green room, which is like a little dance studio with mirrors all along the wall. That’s where I have the happy memory of going with Kev to see Mac Demarco after the show, and getting free vinyls and a free tshirt with intimations of a dripping lady in a bikini on it that I had to give to the little redhead instead, because even as a nightshirt is was a little intense for me. So this time I draped myself across a chair with my legs out, and Matt draped himself across a chair on the opposite side of the big room, and Davey sat carefully in the middle and played us songs. My favourite was the one about the football player, and while he played it Matt did little pretend stretches, and I did little pretend kicks, but only small ones so that Davey knew I was still entrancedly listening. Davey said he never plays like this, but this is the best way to hear music, just to you, where you can hear every element of the person’s voice in real time, no microphones, see them starting to blush or doubt or get filled with confidence in little waves, see them going back into the story of the song and making it real again.

It had already been a Big Night before this scene. There had been music at the Bird, choirs, a solo man who I’d never seen but liked, his long blonde hair falling down and his singing feeling like it came from the deep, someone from the ‘Loners’ band. I walked up and down the street in polka dots and saw a few people from the soup kitchen, and gave some of the Dream Rimmys and HAMJAMs some hugs before their show at Yaya’s. See, it was this big party for our radio station, all across a little bit of our little city in different venues, and it felt a little bit like a high school concert night. I think the feeling crystalised from the DJs Matt and Tristen and Joe being in black suits, but obviously as people who don’t usually wear suits, and from everyone being in a bit of a silly mood.

When I finally went back to the Bakery, after many things like seeing the Rimmers do that great “Running” song and watching men get bowled over completely forever by Mei singing at the front of Savoir, it was time to dance again, and that was lucky cos Kucka was on…