Amber in Paris #7 Turning Bulls


I was walking in the Jardin des Plantes with a nice Australian architect called Linus, whose hair always looks very much like angels are lifting it gently upwards, and a nice French singer called Melody whose spirit I can feel and listen to when I close my eyes, which is quite convenient for both of us. Right now I’m listening to her songs too… A few days ago I danced to her songs in a house on the coast with two adults and three small children and one baby child still inside the covering of mother – skin, waters, blood, bones if you count the spine, ‘testines etc.

Anyway, Linus was taking us to the Wallaby enclosure and on the way there he said “Oh, Amber! Did you know we have a new Prime Minister?!” I didn’t know! I looked at them both, like in a cartoon, from one to the other, and then hugged Linus because he’s the Australian, then hugged Melody because our energetic spirits are entwined.

Mmmm imagine! A new Prime Minister who believes in science and whatnot… A dream come true I thought… And then the little golden lining of the cloud started dripping off as the internet reminded me of heaps of things the new man has said and done, and as the new man said again “Guess what, I’m going to do just the same things as before!”

Anyway, here’s a list, a personal list, of what things it’d be nice to have inside the body and life of a new Prime Minister.

Wouldn’t it be nice:

To have a leader who saw people crossing the seas on boats and gave up their own house, even if it was just their holiday house?
To have a leader who looks at the Leunig cartoons about him or herself and takes it to heart?

To have a leader who knows how to make a delicious vinaigrette?

To have a leader who knows all the words to the French songs of Melody’s Echo Chamber?

To have a leader who takes advice from actual experts?

To have a leader who puts crystals round their house, not necessarily for the healing powers, but to shine nice reflections onto the walls?

To have a leader who spends a night once in a while in a prison or on the street or in a hospital, to get a better idea of things.

To have a leader who has Kurt Vonnegut in their top ten favourite authors.

To have a leader who swims naked in the ocean for the feeling of his or her genitals floating all uncovered to remind him or her of the delicacy of all humans, and the miracle of all life etc.

To have a leader who sees the Great Barrier Reef getting bleached in their dreams and then wakes up and says to all his or her friends “This will not do! What shall we do, friends, with the power given to us by a whole lot of strangers who might be reading Hegel or watching The Bachelor or making babies right now, the babies of whom will outlive us?”

To have a leader who listens to the sound coming out of a shell and can name more things than the sea that are heard in there.

To have a leader who knows how to traction a dog’s bone if it breaks its leg.

I dunno. What can we even hope for? Just someone decent, intelligent, confident, honest, caring… Or, in the order of the above, someone with COMPASSION, HUMILITY, SKILL, PATIENCE, FORESIGHT, ARTISTIC SENSIBILITIES, EMPATHY, HUMOUR, SURREALISM/REALISM, DECISIVENESS, IMAGINATION, STRENGTH. It seems almost as ridiculous as a Wallaby enclosure in a park in Paris, but I know people who are just like this, and I went to the Wallaby enclosure too. New Prime Minister, even though you didn’t start so great, just try, I’ll try too…

(there were also deer, pictured)