It's the Freakin Weekend - Ty Segall at the Bakery and More!

we need all kinds of animals. ones like elephants that take time with their lives, stretch out their days like their big grey skins, to take everything in, seasons across years, stampedes across entire landscapes, deaths, births, sightings of hunters from when they are babies on the backs of father hunters to when they are men looking through thin eyelids, holding an arrow close to their ear. and ones like moths, with just a day to see a little of a small everything, no time for study, just intuition, slug, wing, mating, turning back to dust.

i’m listening to ancient music from mesopotamia. some things you have to put in the effort to be able to do, like reading ancient writing, to study through days and months to discover the way they would have said the words, how they would have plucked the strings of the instruments.

anyway, some people study all day and night to bring ancient music alive, some people wake up and check their facebook and then play garage rock. i like it all, elephant, moth, ancient mesopotamia, perth.

Then the Weekend

pete bibby was back and played twice at toastface grillah – once on the back of a ute, and once sitting down all closed-eyed and truly in the mood. perhaps he was a wildebeest – no, that was ty segall. pete is like a boar, super smart and good at rooting around in shared experience with his sensitive nose, nuzzling up delicate truffles that people know are there somewhere but could never find on their own.

there was talk of ty and all the segally peoples coming swimming because my friend is their friend from their homelands, and then going to watch pete together, which was a nice thing to think about, but it didn’t happen.

when ty and his people played it was one of the best things i saw this year. the bakery was full to the brim which hardly ever happens. i stood up on the top of a couch next to malcolm in the lights desk, and surveyed the whole scene from their the whole time. mr segall was super beautiful. he reminded me of a cross between a nice baby, a teenager in a basement, a drag queen – a soft shy one on their day off, and mitch macdonald from the love junkies – all this refers to his appearance and his way of moving rather than his playing. all this nice curly hair flopping side to side with the glammy rock moves, and seeming like the nicest guy just from how he turned his head or swayed about.

seeing them play was like finally understanding what some bands here are going for. this was the original and the best of some certain type of something. i asked pete what you call this music and he said “i think you call it rock music, with some pop in it”, which is what i thought too, but i don’t know any other label to be able to quickly tell you in case you never heard of it. you know, it’s like really good melody-loving songs with loud amps and long hair. and some metally shredding over guitars that could get a little tapey sound to them but not rely on it. like, just the best music you could imagine and a whole room of bakery getting excited. garage with effort and less facebook.

the segall seemed really amazed that so many people were there and that made everyone even more excited. his humiility seemed to whip the crowd into even more frenzy. there was a dancing oblong of people right in front of the stage, with all the little aborty torty boys in there, and hamish rahn, and james gates, and peter bibby, and coel healy and many other people from bands you’d love and just general music lovers squished together in harmony and flinging themselves off the stage to get flipped over even sometimes in a stage dive, dropped or carrried, all so happy about being there and hearing this band. at one point in the night a terrible/wonderful smell started rising up from that pit of sweat and happiness, even all the way over to where we were at the edge. damp shoes and damp tshirts and the opposite of damp spirits.

at just one point in the show the energy of the band dropped a little bit, and then the music sounded like some of the bands that try to play that same kind of music but aren’t as good yet… then when they got their mojo back it was back to the other level. interesting!

near the end of the show the segall called for a volunteer to do a little experiement. this boy put his hand up in the crowd and leaped up onto stage, and from that moment we would all know who ‘lockie’ was. he tried to get ty to let him play guitar and i’m pretty sure i heard ty saying ‘no, it’s my show man’, a little bit taken aback, but eventually he managed to direct lockie’s crazy energy back to the crowd, to be stagedive taken all the way to the back of the bakery and then back on stage again. the whole bizzo was crazy, especially because lockie looked like ty segall in some alternate universe, floppy curls and the same sort of face and clothes and body but just a little bit to the side. when lockie got deposited back on stage he jumped around, took videos the whole time of himself and the crowd looking up at him and then finally managed to get ty to let him play guitar – he nearly wailed but bombed instead and that was great. the drummer, who was so good and one of the reasons the band could be so good, because she didn’t fill up all the spaces with ridiculous fills but just played the right amount the right way for every song, well she and the other guys tried to join lockie for a bit but he sucked or was way too excited (turnt up shall we say) to do it. which just made the whole thing even more perfect.

hmm. ty segall, come back please.

on saturday there was another BEST THING i’ve been to in perth – the street roller hockey derby… can you believe it? this one took effort. this one guy, who i met at doogs and gave me a piggy back because of liking things i write organised it – a rink in the city, bands, lights, little kids getting pushed around in shopping trolleys on the concrete, roaring of the crowd going up when anyone got the puck near the milk crate goals, bleachers (i don’t know if what i’m describing is a bleacher), much bleached hair in teeny corn plaits (not what i meant by ‘bleachers), drinking in a big vacant lot and getting told off a bit by security but mainly feeling like this was the best, fun, freest-feeling thing to go on in the city for ages.

and i saw the ‘some young people’ again. oh man. they’re so great. i like them because i can tell if they saw someone lying in the street they wouldn’t just walk by, if you know what i mean. shout outs to you, you know who you are!

and then sunday the show at the gallery where it turned into a sun going down dance party to mei saraswati, after clare (furchick) made music by cutting her pubic and leg hair with scissors attached to pedals and contact mics.

so yes, over christmas it always seems like this place turns things up a notch… this was all above and beyond though, and i didn’t even tell you about friday night… next week i’m gonna do favourite things of the year, stay toooooned.