CPN Moondog on an Authentic Plastic Planet

moondog, what a dog. look up his music and tell me if you think it isn't perfect. why not wear horns? heaps of animals do and we're more into dressing up than them.

i've been thinking about this new planet. there's probably a planet just like this: it's pretty much just night all the time, but a dark blue light like the brightest moon-lit night, and there's just a perpetually good feeling there. most of the time you just look up into the sky with your jewelly eyes, and otherwise do mating in a glass dome that's your home there with one other person. in the room there's just books, and a mattress that doesn't have edges but slopes off to the ground. the landscape is like this: no humans except you and the other one, all just dust, rocks, small hills of rocks. it's so great there, the blue planet. and i guess if i had to soundtrack it i'd soundtrack it with moondog. at one place on the planet there's also a dark pool which you can swim in and other cool things happen in there but they're too intimate to tell. there's also moss in a certain place - apart from that, dust, rocks, rocky hills, the sky, your dome, your face and body looking up into the starry delux sky that makes you feel good all the time.

on thursday i'm gonna be judging the big splash band competition for a heat. there'll also be bob gordon who ran our best music magazine, who now writes his dreams into our new streetpress. there'll also be jamie terry who, in fact, i was on a moonlit landscape once with, in fact with rocky hills and the dark popping sky and joshua trees all round, sitting inside a seethrough dome which was just the light sent up from the fire and hanging lantern we and rex were reading "dharma bums" beside. a light dome touching against the sky dome, and just rocks all round vibrating with a moondoggy frequency.

so yeah, bob, jamie, rachael dease who got proposed to up on a mountain too, a big mountain i think in some other country by a guy with great waxed-back hair who made my friend nick's album cover look blue, dark blue and ruffled and shiny all at once. so bob, jamie, rachael, who else? so the thing is, when you're listening to bands, even if you don't know anything about genre, even if you spend your time imagining yourself under a dome on a blue planet, there's this one thing that shines through people's eyes, instruments, songs, and that is if they're being real. this music by moondog is real and so it's perfect. some band on thursday will be real and they'll be perfect. doesn't matter if you don't know all the notes, it's what you do with them ;) doesn't matter if your amp is teeny or you don't even have an amp, you could even go sing on 'the voice' with delta goodrem staring you down from the eyes at the back of her head, you can still make people cry in their loungerooms in two minutes. and it's undeniable. i will report back, but, i bet the decisions will be unanimous.

on another planet, this one, plastic free july is coming up. one time after a long hiking camp where the mosses and tiny flowers and bird calls and ocean spray going further than you'd think, and snakes along the path, and secret lakes full of spirits, and lichen that you like 'n all that, all wario'd my brain (wario is a word to use for any occasion, good or bad, adjective, verb, noun), i decided yet again that plastic was too ridiculous and i thought about hanging the plastic lid of my last take away coffee permanently around my neck as an amulet to ward off all the other one-time lids and bags and food wrappings coming towards me. but guess what on my neck right now i just have a tshirt with an anchor on it and thirteen stars all circling the anchor. so, my idea is, there's a thing called plastic free july and we could do it all together. find me on the red planet or the orange planet and we can shake hands to make it real. deal? 

Amber Fresh