would you like to know a secret for listening to music? well, there’s the way the music is presented to you and then there are the options where you can make some decisions of your own. one thing that makes me like people an extra amount is when they know how to whisper. people who can keep the whisper up. they start at a very small volume, very close to your ear or from across the makeshift sofa in the tv room, and then they just stay at that same volume.

not everyone can do this: you might be one of those people who start like this ANDEND UP LIKE THIS. ask your friends. if you want to change it’s possible.

my friend at soup kitchen has just started gambling a bit on his phone to add to the drinking. “perry” i said (not his name) “life has enough problems and pain, why you wanna add to it?” but he knows. it’s just the way it goes. a guy brought a keyboard to soup kitchen too. started punching out the hits, with everyone singing along. 60s classics, maybe some farnesy and chisel, some zeppelin, beatles. at one point dudley on the keys said “amber you’re going to play” and i said “no!” and the others started changing “amber! amber!” another thing i really like about people is when you ask them to play or sing they just play or sing. but i’m not a cool guy like that. “i’m too shy!” i say, but shyness is not quite the thing. the thing is protecting yourself against the potential neg thoughts of others when maybe all people want to do is love you more and have a little musical whisper straight in their ear. it’s possible to change. one day i’ll just say yes, and go down in flames on the soup kitchen floor.

hm. the talk of the town was benjamin witt’s album launch and so it should have been. i don’t know if he made the gutsy move to hire “mei saraswati acapella group” or if mei just told him “i don’t wanna bring instruments”. i always remember abbe may telling me about one sex panther show where mei took all her clothes of at mojos and swung from the rafters. whenever i watch her is till wait for that moment to come again, but her, tessa and natalie were all in raincoats and full winter swamp gear. so the options for sound are life this, to begin with: eyes open, ears open; eyes closed, ears open; eyes open, hands cupping ears to collect more sound from the front; eyes open, hands cupping ears to the back. then there’s the subtle flanger options with your fingers in and out at various tendernesses into your ears. then there’s eyes closed and prayer/meditation directed by the music and your spirit all at once. then there’s imagining your body’s movement as a way to communicate your pleasure and gratefulness for all your limbs, as a way to please the mind of the big. well, these are the ways of listening i use regularly, that are available to all and that i used for mei’s group, dianas and benjamin witt.

in their raincoats they were as good as you imagine – so good -. i watched jamie terry’s face watching them. i watched strangers watching for the first time, and i mixed eyes closed and eyes open. there were feedback problems, there was one song by natalie that was a bit less powerful, and there were songs that used the three of them to put people smack band in the spirit swamp, dipped in mud, peering through reeds to the fullest version of unpaved life on display.

then dianas. i was up close, cupping my hands each of the ways. we all know, all of us here, that they belong on big stages with thousands of fans, but it’s not how it works here. i cupped to the on stage sound because i felt it was the best. they are delicate angels, they are soft surf shredders. come back dianas and live here and play for us every week. yeah, the on-stage sound – you’re in a lounge room with them, carpet floor, pastel coloured walls and decor from the late seventies, early eighties. this is an all-ways good thing.

then be. world class. we link you now to our favourite track:https://benjaminwitt.bandcamp.com/track/marble-orchard and let the music speak for itself. typewriter is full of rice and we’re at the end of the page….