Perth Music and Arts Community responds to the election of Donald Trump

Some very unexpected and very disturbing things are happening around us right now. Ice is melting, we have far right people in our senate, we're all still driving petrol and diesel cars, our country is locking up people fleeing war, there's still no justice for indigenous people. To bring all this and more to the fore, a man who speaks without respect to and about women, people from other countries, many others, has become leader of a big nation that our country is mixed in with culturally, economically, environmentally. 

I asked some Perth's music and arts people to respond to the election of Donald Trump, and asked to publish some of their online reactions. Here are their responses to this event. Love, Amber Fresh.


T.S Eliot, Heart of Darkness, Samuel Beckett... All these powerful stories I was exposed to by some wonderful high school English lit teachers as a teenager in a school in this lizard daemons federal seat. Little did I know the horrors of these stories would manifest so close to home. Hosting award nights for muslim students one night then out blindly supporting team trump the next day. DISGUSTING. If 'doing their job' means endorsing a sex predator white supremacist then QUIT your fucking job. 

Anyone who supports or tolerates this lizard please unfollow me.

PS To the Hyde Park Hotel that have had a Trump themed burger night all year. I guess telling them to absolutely get farked too…: "Dear Hyde Park Hotel and any other establishments with casual Trump-humour themed menus and promotion. If this was the 70s I'd throw a brick through your window."  

Facebook post, Matt Aitken, Camp Doogs, Magnolias, Swamp Clubb, Paddle Clubb, The Gulls, Gilbert Fawn.

My response to the US election is that this result, along with the Brexit result, is deeply concerning. We have to look at it objectively and ask why people are voting this way in response to fear campaigns. It's easy to jump on the bandwagon and label people racist and I, as well as others I know, are guilty of making that mistake. However this doesn't solve anything. Why are people scared of immigrants? Why are people scared to lose mining investors? Why are people so quick to drop any ounce of empathy they may have the second they feel someone is taking something from them....

My one hope for this result is that it sparks a discussion that everyone can be involved in to help unscramble this egg and figure out why so many people are so angry and unhappy. 

I am still shocked at this outcome, but we have to use this as a driver to ask 'why did this happen?'.

Steve Knoth, Scalphunter.


My response has been to try and listen to the people who have been rocked to their core by the decision. I have never experienced sexual assault or racism. I am as privileged as a person can get. I have seen domestic abuse in my own childhood home, but it wasn't directed at me. It took a day but now I am crying my eyes out for all the people I love that are tired and sick from the bigotry in the world. I just want them to feel safe and loved like everyone deserves to.

I am thinking more and more every day, how to use my privilege to add hope and love and happiness into a world that needs it. I am sad but hopeful. 

Matt Sav, Music photographer, Designer, Director, Abalonely, Perth, Apricot Rail.


I don't think we have any right to be condescending to Americans because of the ass clown they have elected to be their president. After all, 'we' elected that mad monk, Abbott. 'We' begged for the Asylum Seeker torturing Turnbull. The world is full of horrors, and increasingly more so, it seems. For now, I have chosen to focus on love. I've been staring at my infant nephew's little feet since the news broke. It keeps my heart full. I highly recommend focusing on love during this time. 

Abbe May, Abbe May.


Whilst the world is distracted by Trump's victory, Colin Barnett sneaks off to stab a few sharks and build a new casino whilst eating the flesh of an infant refugee.

Peter Bibby, Peter Bibby, Chief Richards, Frozen Ocean.


Music is the language of community: prediction, vision, warning, hope. I wasn't really raised to think life is meant to be fun - I think fun is likely the problem. Coincidentally I also do not think there is an excuse for wah-wah anymore. Our progressive art must be critical, emotionally resonant, engaged and intersectional, or it's not at all. To be able to make art in a free country is a privilege which has to defend itself, since it's always under attack, and it has to defend others. It is, as ever, a good time for teeth, for stomping, mourning, dreaming: keep singing with everyone else at the front of your mind, and hopefully they'll sing with you.

Alex Griffin, Mining Tax, Ermine Coat


I feel like I need to put my head in a beehive, or be eaten by a snake.  I feel like burying myself in a geothermal vent for a little while.  I feel like running to a telescope and looking out across the universe into a deep timescale past the speed of light. I feel like getting in a uber and going to Naomi Klein's house, where Margaret Atwood will run me a bath and and Donna Haraway will sing me a lullaby.  I don't feel like .gifs, memes, sarcasm, or south park. I feel like the world is collectively being traumatized beyond belief.

Loren Kronemyer, Pony Express, Ecosexual Bathhouse, American citizen. 


Watching this disaster happen live on NBC I noticed many hosts coming to the conclusion that the media and inner city dwellers/elites had not been listening to rural America enough which lead to the shocking result. Given that this was mostly the white man demographic, it is no surprise that they expect to be listened to and when they weren't listened to (by the democrats) the last 8 years, they had a tantrum. I am ashamed to share gender and color with this shit.

Aden Senycia, Soft Machine Studio, Flower Drums.


On a gut level, I feel nauseous that so many people would cheer for a man that would look at me as something to rape or something to ridicule. That’s a core hurt that I imagine is felt by many others on a daily basis. 

The result of the US election has concreted the set of emotions I felt after the last Australian Federal Election. Constructive conversation and discourse is seriously lacking in both countries and in many others. Why are people scared? Why are people angry? As left, liberal thinkers we need to listen to people whose opinions we disagree with most. Mockery and ridicule is an easy fall back, but it’s only serving to dumb down a culture already hurtling towards irreparable ignorance. 

When I’ve patiently listened to those who hold differing opinions I’ve gained insight into another’s struggle and in turn been able to explain my thoughts, fears and hopes. 

It’s not always easy, however mostly that person will leave the conservation thinking more broadly than when they entered it, as do I. On a community level, I’d like more forums where people can openly discuss their thoughts without the worry of insult or degradation. A form of “Belief Amnesty” needs to take place, before both sides dig their heels into their well trodden ground.  The left are my people, but we can be just as close minded and cruel as those we rail against.  We need to be smart, and we need to find common ground with kindness and respect.

Rachael Dease, Rachael Dease, Schvendes. 


"The only positive thing to come from the election is Martin Shkreli live streaming unreleased wu tang."

Lana Rothnie, Lana


Hey world what if:

Gylany > Hierarchy 

Mutuality > Mastery

Performance > Production

Gift, Offering > Commodity, Money

Earth > Machine

Active rest > Passive Speed

Womb > Tomb

Depths > Surfaces, heights

Smell, taste, touch > Sight, hearing

Wetland > Dryland

Fire stick farming > Mining

Commons > Enclosure

Sacrality > Sanctuarism

- ideas by Rod Giblett

Facebook post, Mei Saraswati, Mei Saraswati, Sibling Music.


I can’t feel the tips of my fingers or my toes. In times of stress the body redirects blood flow to where it’s most needed. My heart needs it. And my head.

It’s unfathomable that a man so worldly, so privileged, could be so immune to the superficiality of difference in humans.  

I won’t despair or invest in worry. I’ll do what I can do now.  Share stories that break down misconceptions and prejudice.  Call out as many ‘isms’ as I see.  Hug you.  See your worth.

Meri Fatin, RTRfm.


This result has really shocked me. I feel like a fool for not taking the threat of this man and his followers more seriously, but most of all I feel sad and scared that bigotry and hate have been normalised. My main hope now is that kind, decent people will get stronger and shout louder to call out the kind of behaviour this man stands for.    

Caitlin Nienaber, RTRfm. 


A truly worrying aspect is the knock-on effect of Trump's successful movement giving power to Australian right-wing conservative forces seeking further expansion and legitimacy here. Cory Bernadi wearing a red cap, Julie Bishop wearing a red dress, Pauline Hanson filming her congratulations. FUCK OFF. #LickspittleFever

And I know, re: Naomi Klein quote that shit is already incredibly fucked here - but the feeling today is that there is no bottom and it can always get worse, which is as true here as it is in the States, so save me the hot takes already unless you've got something productive for me to do.

Facebook post, Tristan Fidler, RTRfm, Magnolias.








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