Up Close and Perthonal HIDEOUS SUN DEMON Interviewed by Freshy

Ohh my minds all melty while I write this cos I’m listening to a review copy of Nick Allbrook’s new album while I write. ARGH! But I want to tell you about NEW SPECIAL BAND (new in the history of the world). Actually, one of my favourite things this year, and one of lots of people’s favourite things. They’re called Hideous Sun Demon and they’re part of the next wave of Perth music’s coming. YES! All new all SICK music that all us ones who’ve been playing for a while can sit back and discuss. And all the discussions go – “These guys are siiiiick.”

The first time I heard about Hideous Sun Demon it was in a message from Matt Saville (photographer and great great buddy friend) who had been filming the WHOLE (like, every heat) of the Big Splash band competition, with a rascally friend Jack who I’d introduced him to on the aborted set of an aborted filmclip. The text message basically said he’d seen the BEST THING of the whole competition, and lo and behold it was the Sun Demon in all its glory, who I was to see a few weeks later at one of the semi finals.

They’ve got their fingers in heaps o’ pies (meat ones) which is always a good sign. Vin is in Dream Rimmy, Kitchen People and probs something else, Jake is in Cool Band and Kitchen People and probs something else. In the Big Splash out of all the buttloads of bands in the entire competition, Vin was in three of the four grand finalists, and Jake was in two.

Anyway, so I went to Freo to meet with them at a pubby over beer tastings (I had wine cos I’m a adult). Andrew and Blake didn’t show up, but I still love them. Mwah. Luckily Ali from Dream Rimmy was there too, so I got a bonus. I thought she had her top shirt buttoned up to hide some hickies, but apparently it was to hide her Hideous Sun Demon tshirt, so that’s why our conversation starts like this::::

(a is me, ali is ali, v is vin (not for vendetta) and j is jake)

(If this interview is too long for you, here’s the executive summary: hickies, cymbals, bacon, tofu, metallica, the inspirations of a broken heart, piaaaaarno, scumbag, manoli volicalis, dickheads, just local music, 8 grams of soul)

ali- vin doesn’t like hickies
a- really?
v- don’t like hickies
j- blake had hell vicious hickies the other day!
v- i don’t like flaunting my biz
j- i like giving them, i don’t like getting them
v- it’s like getting vaccummed
ali- i don’t like getting them but i want them because i can’t have them
v- you’re not getting any hickies
j- you don’t like giving them?
v- i dunno i just don’t like hickies in general, they’re gross!
j- you don’t like biting on a human being?
ali- they look pretty rank
v- i love biting other people. the other day i was like ‘i want to chew your earlobe jackson’ and he was like ‘do it’ and i was like ‘nah’
a- which is the grossest beer?
ali- the brown one
a- this one?
v- no that one.
(much confusion on the beers, vin and jake try to help me organise my recording devices into the empty glasses)
j- yeah the empties! use the empties mate!
a- oh yeah that’s more cleverer
j- beautiful. there’s a little bit of liquid in there will that be ok?
a- yeah.
ali- cos batteries
v- happy days
j- hello! future amber!
v- we are here
j- from past jake

(intro done!)

v so! how do you do interviews?
a well, because it’s for cool perth nights, how i do it is i just ask whatever questions i want to
v yes
a and then type it all up and put it on there. if it was for something else i have to care bout other things and cut it down
j easy. it’ll be in the database
v free for all
j legions of artists interviewed by amber
a yeah, there’s only a few!
j oh
a like there’s only a few interviews on cool perth nights because i pick special people
j ohh
v awww
j oh my god
a ahh but um i dunno have you guys done any interviews since your thing thing (big splash)?
v we did one for radiothon
a oh yeah i was there
v yeah you were there! hahaha
a well, have you decided what you’re going to spend that money on?
j we get our final mix tomorrow and hopefully we’ll be getting it mastered with mikey young from eddy current suppression ring
a oh yeah
j all those great bands over east
j and then i think we’re going to hopefully go on tour. i’d like to go on tour. press cds first, it’s quicker
a is this a second album?
v it’s our second release. we did a ep last year. but it’s our first big boi release.
j we’re pretty proud, pretty excited
a why are you proud of it?
j i’ve been in a lot of bad bands that-
v yeah we’ve done a lot of bad recordings
j yeah we’ve had a few false starts
v well the ep was alright, there was a few technical things that we weren’t too happy with. i think we were a lot more clear with what we wanted to get out of it when we went in
j the songs are better, the recordings are better
v brod’s a good boy
j yeah brod knows what he’s doing
v thank you brod
j now he’s doing a mt mountain single
v mm that’s gonna be huge!
j yeah it’s gonna be very big
a i like them. usually i don’t like too much cymbals
v ahaha
a no matter what else is going on, but for them (mt mountain) i make an exception
j yeah tom plays with us in kitchen people and punk bands so he’s a hell … i know what you’re talking about though when they crescendo and he goes pssh pssh pshhh
v that brings dynamic man, that’s sick
a i think some people don’t understand how important an instrument a cymbal is, you know?

j it’s a subtle art, it’s definitely noisy
a who writes youse guys’s music?
v our guys’s cool songs?
a yep
v it’s pretty collaborative. occasionally like someone will bring in a song that’s like pretty much done. very occasionally
j usually it will be one of us will bring in a riff and then we’ll structure it together. i’m really bad at writing – especially with sun demon – i’ll have a riff, we’re a very riff based band, but i’ll have a riff and then i’ll have no idea where it’s gonna go and usually these guys are super creative. vincent writes all the guitar leads and like vocal melodies and stuff which is good, cos he’s got a ‘unique writing style’
v oh thank you
j compliments
v hey! friendly interview! but it’s mainly collaborative. so many of our songs have come out of just like, coming up with a jam and then just extrapolating like that
j it’s funner like that because we all like different styles of music so it’s all a big melting pot. usually it comes out not too confused.
v yeah. i think that the initial ideas, that’s probably the things that we write the fastest, and then we spend most of our time structuring and cutting fat and that sort of stuff. that’s something that we’ve learned a lot.
j yeah. we used to be a bit bloated and unncessary ‘let’s make this song really weird let’s play it for three bars instead of four, let’s have this little…’
v ‘put this bit here, that bit there’
j now we’re just cutting all the fat, it’s just like bacon, no rinds
v little mcmuffins
j yes. just the goodness. well, we try
v we try our hardest
a oh i think i’m gonna become a vegan soon, but before i become a vegan i want to like wrap myself in bacon for a week
v ahahaha
j i was vegetarian for ages and i was eating vegie bacon
ali- you’ve been hanging out with george too much
a yeah that’s why!
j george is super vegetarian
a yeah he’s infiltrated my mind a little bit
j oh god. that’s good
ali- i live with him and he hasn’t infiltrated my mind
j i have to eat meat. the vege patties at flipside aren’t that good, i don’t vibe them
ali- they’re so good!
j you like them?
ali- i love them.
v do people like tofu?
j i like tofu
ali- it’s like nothing in a sponge
j i’ve had some great deep fried tofu

a you know what’s good? dandelion flowers.
j really?
v what, like actual dandelion flowers?
a yeah, they taste like, a bit like fake chicken.
ali- really? like raw? like you just pick them and eat them?
a dandelion’s so good for you
j do you get formosa? you know that fake fried chicken? have you ever had that?
a no!
j it’s really amazing
a i mean, yeah maybe.
j you know northbridge utopia? they have this fried chicken there. it’s great.

a …so, if a song begins with a riff, then you know there’s like words coming or whatever, is the meaning of the song lyrically connected to the music?
v when i write lyrics, usually i’ll come up with a vocal melody first, often i’ll write vocal melodies on guitar as well, and then i’ll have just like a phrase that sort of fits into that theme, that just comes into my head from nowhere and from there just write and then kind of find a meaning out of those few bits of lyrics that you’ve done. i dunno, lyric writing’s always been a very stream of consciousness thing for me
j vin, i think you kind of write about what you know. you use a lot of metaphor. which i respect because…
v i definitely write about specific things but shrouded in metaphor so no one knows actually what i’m singing about!
j that’s good though because people find their own meaning
a do you talk about what the songs are about?
j no
v not really
j there’s that organic singer-songwriter style where you write the chords and then the vocals at the start and you’ll take it from there. we’re kind of different –

a that phrase ‘singer-songwriter’ makes me spew up a little bit in my mouth
v ‘i’m a singer-songwriter!’
j yeah it’s a bit yucky
a like, who’s not a singer-songwriter?
ali- yeah
a i mean, if they’re singing
v yeah if you sing, and it’s a song
a you know, like metallica are singer-songwriters
v maybe it’s like an old thing cos you get singers that used to sing lots of covers and that sort of stuff back in the day
j what i mean is we write the music first and usually then…
v lyrics always have to come second. vocals always come second
j yeah yeah yeah
v and they’re usually written completely separate to actual the writing… i’ll write a vocal melody and then i’ll get an idea for what the song’s about based off a few lines i’ve written and then just apply meaning and write it out from there…
j yeah it’s hard. a lot of people attach a lot of meaning to lyrics but mostly for me it’s sort of just like just something… i mean this is sort of immature cos i sort of feel like i write bad lyrics, but they’re sort of like this unnecessary thing you just kind of have to do.

v i don’t see it like that, the lyrics i write do have a meaning for me on some level
j you just don’t write about girls
v i try and avoid writing about love and that sort of stuff
a that’s for pussies!
j strongest emotion in the world
v i don’t think jake writes about love. i think jake writes about…
j breaking up with girls. the inspirations of a broken heart
a aww
v the album that we’re releasing is mainly based around the idea of what it is to be a man. that’s kind of theme about it. there’s a lot of call backs to the school me and jake went to. we went to a catholic christian
j boys school
v all-boys school full of buff boys, and the idea of the nine to five mentality and what it is to be an australian and that sort of stuff. kind of like taking the piss out of all that sort of thing i guess
j there’s some very tongue in cheek lyrics. like assuming the viewpiont of the people we’re criticising
v pretty much. yeah.
j making fun of that culture
v i don’t know if it’s making-
ali- yeah it is
v i’m not trying to be mean
j that’s like a lot of, as far as punk music goes lyrically, it’s using a negative energy in a positive way cos you’re creating music but it’s coming from…
v i find it a lot easier to write about something with a cynical sort of mindframe than i do from a positive mindframe
j i think apart from blake we’re all kind of cynical
v we’re a bunch of downers hahhah
j we get softer
a you get soft what?
j + v we get stuff done
v we work hard
j we’re not like just cynics who are like ‘why even bother’
v we’re not self-pitying we just don’t like stuff. hahahah i dunno
j we’re getting distracted sorry

a no no, i want to come back to your school, actually, but ali, what do you write about? do you write all the dream rim job songs?
v ahahah
ali- ah, i usually come up with the idea and then we write it together. i come up with the basics of the song and then bring it and we’ll write it together. i don’t write lyrics really, i make the vocal melody and sing whatever comes to mind, the most random shit, and then if i have to record i write down what i usually say cos it just rolls of the tongue but i don’t write about anything really. most of dream rimmy’s lyrics have five words in the whole song and they’re just repeated cos it’s more like a melody idea and more like…
v shoegaze typically doesn’t often have a lot of meaning behind lyrics i’ve noticed, like if you look at my bloody valentine and that sort of stuff
ali- i mean lyrics mean a lot to a lot of people but to me, i’m so much more…
j you’re like me, you just don’t want to forget them
ali- i’m so much more into melody. and i don’t really talk about anything. like, i’d rather sit down and write a melody than write lyrics, use my time to write a guitar line or something

v i’ve always gone with the idea of writing things that sound phonetically pleasing, that’s what i always focus on
j the mars volta school
v yeah! hahaha
j nah
v none of their songs mean anything hahah
a are you all from mandurah?
j no
ali- it’s just me
a there’s a rumour
j really?
v dirty boys from down south
a when i say ‘rumour’ i mean maybe one person said to me ‘i think they’re from mandurah’
ali- maybe it’s because we’ve all gone down to mandurah to record
j yeah it might be that, because we all recorded down south
a where are you from?
v i’ve lived in fremantle since i was three years old
j vin’s og fremantle
v i’ve lived in bayswater before that but i don’t remember any of that
a that’s where i live
j i grew up on beach street, and then we moved to melville. spent a lot of time in melville, it’s like super safe conservative picket fence. it’s nice.
a yeah people thought maybe you were good at music cos…
j had nothing better to do?
a yeah, not from the city
v ahahah
ali- i can make that excuse for my own music
a must be from other things
ali- i’m from mandurah so i’ve got an excuse to be better
v fremantle’s a pretty cool place to grow up
j we’ve all been playing music for ages. i know you played when you were… well, vin you did piahhno (that’s how he said it!) when you were…
a ‘piaaaarno’?
j ‘piaaaarrhhno.’ there’s beer shots are getting into my head i’m out of control
v my parent’s made me start playing piano when i was four years old. when i was younger i had a lot of hand-eye coordination problems, i was one of those ‘oh is there something wrong with him’ kind of kids. there wasn’t anything. and also to make me better at maths or something like that. and then started playing bass in high school for jazz bands
j yeah we were in the high school band together
v the high school jazz band
j i played saxophone and vin played bass
v that was me and jake’s first musical bonding
a i played flute in the band
j nice!
a and then percussion. like tuned percussion, timpani
v pssshhht!

a so you were friends back then?
v we’ve known each other since we were
j year ten maybe?
v yeah well year eight for me
j oh really? then i would have been in year nine
v yeah it was pretty early
j we went to band camp together
v jake’s the only person i went to school with that i still really keep in contact with
j everyone else was like, i mean they’re nice people but they’re all super like, italian, went straight to uni and then got their business degrees and are lawyers and dentists and doctors and i’m just like ‘i’m a scumbag!’
v very planned lifestyles
j i play in some bad punk bands!
v i mean i guess i don’t have a problem with it, if you’re happy you’re happy but it’s just not something that… i don’t think me or jake were ever going to do, the straight from school into uni, straight from uni into
j i dropped out of uni three times so it’s probably not for me
v i dropped out of tafe hahaha
a what did you start learning?
j first i was doing journalism then i did graphic design, or maybe the other order, it’s been a while, then i did… ah… bachelor of arts. and i dropped out of all of them probably before the first semester. but after the consensus date, which is an important note to make. i’ve got a nice hecs debt.
v yeah i think i’ve got one of those as well. (vin picks up the recorder) where do you get these things? how much do they cost?
a it was from my old boyfriend
v + j + ali awww
ali you look so sad!
a are you trying to make me cry?
v that’s why we’re here isn’t it? hahaha
a fuck you vin!
v ahahaha
ali did you steal it?
v moving on

a i don’t even know why he had it. he was a photographer, why did he have this thing? you can have it, i guess after this.
j i think he was just joking
v i’m just intrigued that’s all
j we just have a ‘take everything you can get’ mentality, that’s all. that’s why we’re doing well.
v take take take!

a are you glad you went to the school that you went to?
v + j yeah
j i mean, i didn’t want to go before. i remember writing a huge list, of all the reasons i didn’t want to go, i remember crying
v yeah me too
j melville high school – i wanted to go to there. it was a family tradition, i had no choice. but at the end of the day, i wouldn’t have met vin. i wouldn’t have probably started playing music maybe
v i think because it was the kind of school that like, ‘you’re either with us or you’re not with us at all’ and if you were a bit different, well i found that i got quite shunned upon. i think that sort of stuff was a bit personality defining. i wanted to go to john curtin which is, you know, an art school, but i think maybe in terms of like building character… i definitely knew who i was
j a bit of bullying to toughen you up. yeah. you’re defined by the people who decide you’re not like them
v ooh getting deep
j nah i’m just talking rubbish
a did you get bullied?
v i got bullied pretty hard

j i was a ghost. i wasn’t enough of a personality to get bullied
v i was a loud mouth little shit kicker. but i don’t know, like i got bullied but sometimes it would affect me and sometimes i was like meh, whatever. i always knew, i think we both always knew we weren’t really the kinds of people that went to that school generally. and i had friends outside of school, so it wasn’t like i was a complete loner it was just my friends all went to a different school
j they were like all nice people, they were just different, just people into different stuff.
v they weren’t ALL nice people
j i’m just trying to be politically correct. think of all the CBC people reading coolperthnights.
v oh yeah shit
j we’ll be losing some facebook likes over this man, some diehard CBC boys
v josh bindillo, jacob martin, johan ratty (ok that’s definitely not a real name but i can’t tell what vin said) they’re all boys i like. so many people start with the letter j at CBC, so many people. i think there was 70% j

ali- maybe that’s why you got bullied.
v i was the only v!
a j for jesus
v j for jhe-zu
j what names start with v?
v victor, vaughn
j pretty rare names really
ali- valerie
j valerie’s nice
v but you’re not going to find a valerie in an all boys school
ali- yeah
v that would be cool
j it wasn’t that bad, we’re making it sound like it was a horrible place
v it wasn’t that bad. we don’t have that many scars. just a lot of fun memories ey! i mean we had band camp
j i mean i learned to play music there
v i actually had a really good bass teacher there who taught me… manoli volicalis. he’s actually playing at the loft right now
j there you go
a manoli volicalis!?
v volicalis! yeah you know him?
a no! that’s a cool name!
j manolivanoli
a it sounds like he’s filled with custard and got chocolate on each end of him
ali- he sounds like an italian desert

a you know doing the big splash, was it weird for you being in those three bands and having people like –

v it got weirder towards the end
j saying things
a saying things
v i guess from the beginning i thought hideous i wanted to do well
j me too
v cos i’ve been doing it for a while but like dream rimmy and kitchen people – not that i’ve got any loyalty towards any of the bands but cos they are newer bands, i didn’t know how well they’d fare and i didn’t know what the competition was like so i was like ‘oh we’re all entering it’ll be fine’.

kitchen people weren’t even meant to be in the competition, we got short listed, remember? the first call outs we were knocked back and then we got asked in. so i didn’t really think too much of it then, it was just kind of fun playing music and then towards the end when it got to the grand finals –

j well i didn’t expect kitchen people to get through
v yeah
j at all
a well, i liked you guys
j thank you. it’s strange. i insisted we played first in the grand final, just cos.
v i mean i guess it would have been weird for jake as well cos like jake’s also in hideous and kitchen people but like, i guess maybe a little bit because, it is a competition and competitions…
j can bring out weirdness
v there’s still natural rivalry. you don’t like to think about but it’s there. i guess i felt a little bit self conscious about that but i don’t know, at the end of the day it was fun. i got to play at the bakery
j yeah that’s always been a dream for me
a have you never played at the bakery!?
v we’d never played at the bakery before
a ahaha
v so it was like one of those schoolboy ‘one day!’
ali- we had hors d’oeuvres in the back!
j we kind of smash mojos and perth gigs we don’t get that many. is our second bird show coming up?
v third bird show. we’ve been playing rosemount a bit. we’re fremantle boys.
j we’re not very popular
v our circuit used to be mojos, flytrap and norfolk basement. and then flytrap stopped doing local shows and norfolk closed down for ages and now they’ve opened as the oddfellow. and they sometimes do local shows there.
a i’ve only been there a few times
v that gunns show was good. that’s the first time i saw rabbit island
a i don’t feel like it’s natural that there’d be in any possible way negative rivalry
v you don’t feel like that’s there?
a i don’t feel like it has to happen
j we’re just turbos
v we’re just here to win!
a it freaked me out when there was booing
j yeah that freaked me out as well that was a bit ugly
ali- that was fucked
a how did you feel about it?
v i didn’t feel bad about old blood and i…
j they’re all lovely guys
v i didn’t feel bad personally because i feel those people would have booed whoever had won had it not been who they wanted to win, so i didn’t really care about that. but it’s kind of nasty to see. i’d never seen anything like that in the perth scene. i’ve never seen anyone boo. but like whatever
ali- i hated that
v if it had been the other way around, like whoever won our friends started booing, i’d be fucking embarrassed
j yeah i would be really embarrassed
v really upset, angry. and that’s what you’re saying, in competitions they don’t need to be like that, that sort of attitude, like ‘my band’s here to win!’
j i understand supporting your friends, but that’s just ugly
v you don’t degrade other people for the sake of support, that’s when it gets ugly. but whatever! old blood are really lovely guys, it was good to see them at the grand final. tony’s a really nice guy
j i was talking to him about doing voice acting
a is that the singer?
v yeah, he’s a fucking amazing frontman
j i didn’t realise this but i was talking to duncan at mojos, and apartently they just needed someone to sing in front of their blues band and they were like ‘let’s just get this actor guy to do it’
v no kidding!
j and he’s just transformed into this frontman
v that’s so cool!
j like he’s just kept doing it and he’ll get up and tell stories ‘i’ve got a deep sexy voice’
v so he’s an actor, primarily?
j yeah!
v that makes a lot of sense
j he does voice acting
v no kidding! sick.

a i didn’t go to the grandfinal cos i was in my home lands, but…
v your homelands? where’s your homelands?
a goode beach. albany
j wow, goode beach albany. that’s great
a was it all pos vibes at the grand final?
v definitely
j bit of heckling hahaha
ali it was awesome!
j it was very fun, there was crowd surfing!
v but yeah it was great and just cos… it kind of worked in our favour in the sense that lots of the people who were playing were our friends. we met pat chow and they’re really lovely guys
j i saw a guy fall over in the mosh pit for pat chow
ali- i fell over
a ‘i was that guy’
ali- everyone was falling over. during you guys i went to push george over and as i was running i stacked it instead of him
v hahahaha
ali- it was really embarrassing, everybody saw
a were there any bands, not in a friendly to everyone sort of way, but were there any bands that you really felt impressed by out of the whole competition?
v there was a band in our first heat called girl heroin. who i think have changed their name now
a to boy heroin?
ali girl cocaine
v yeah they only had like 30 likes or something on facebook which really baffled me cos they’ve got a really polished sort of smooth synthy pop sort of sound, for some reason they’ve, from what i can tell from the internet and the one gig that i’ve seen, they don’t really seem to have much promotion going on
j stuart orchard i thought was cool. husband the singer’s got a really good voice. and sprawl! i didn’t see sprawl’s heat but i caught them the other night at the rosemount. they’re really cool. i can’t comprehend their music its all mathy and crazy… silver hills
v puck
j yeah puck!
v we all really really like punk
v junkadelic. and pat chow obviously

a you know how you always talk about hamjam
v hahah we got a little infatuation
a do you guys feel like you’re peers with those other bands or do you feel like you’re the ‘new generation’
v well yeah i always remember looking at those guys and going ‘oh those are the guys killing it’ yadayada yada, now we’re starting to play gigs with them so it’s been kind of weird seeing them and hanging out with them at shows. they’re really good bands and i still do – gunns and hamjam and all that sort of scene – really really look up to them

j because i’m a bad person i don’t go to that many, well i’ve been way better recently, but i used to not go to that many local gigs
v i’ve started seeing more of them cos we’ve started playing more shows in perth
a what do you like about hamjam and gunns?
v they make really really genuine music, it’s cool, i guess i like that garagey style they have. i know that hamish is a real ty segal, thee oh sees fan which we definitely relate to. they’re nice guys. i think that the fact they’re really approachable, they don’t have an ego where they’re like ‘we’re the scene’ sort of things
j no one in perth’s allowed an ego
v that’s true
j that’s a negative thing to say about perth
a yeah why do you say that?
j at the end of the day it’s just bloody local music
a is that how you feel really?
j i just think… i’m personally terrified of egos and getting a big head, and like i’ve worked bars with people that play music and they just think they’re the hottest shit and it’s just like yo!
v typically i’ve noticed it’s the ones with those egos that don’t get gigs
j they’re usually not that good
ali- they’re not approachable if they’re dickheads
v it’s true

j like everyone who’s playing music for the right reasons is playing music for the sake of music and yes there’s personal satisfaction but that’s like an internal thing.
ali- there’s not many dickheads though. you always presume if you look up to a band you’re like ‘oh they’re really cool, i don’t want to talk to them, they’ll have no time for me’ but they’re just people. that’s what i used to feel about hamjam and gunns and stuff i used to be like…
j a bit intimidated
ali- ‘they’re so cool, i love their music!’ but now i’m friends with them and they’re just people
v which is a really really nice thing to realise as well
j we’re just all doing the same thing
v exactly. and it is local music and
j sorry i’m just being negative
a nah but what do you mean ‘it is local music’
v it’s local music, it’s a bunch of people who are doing it because they aren’t being paid shitloads to do it or anything like that. generally the bands who are doing it aren’t doing it so they can get played on the big radio stations, the music comes first and the vibe that they bring comes first, which is what i really love. i think there’s a lot of honesty and … genuinity!

j yeah it’s like it’s an expensive hobby and you’re not hauling amps and getting expensive gear for… you’re not doing it for any reason other than a passion for it
v no, and all the money that we make goes directly into funding the band. we don’t really make any money out of it. like with the big splash final none of us is going towards our personal property
j my mum’s like ‘are you going to each get 2.5 grand?’ and i’m like, ‘you don’t understand’!
v i imagine lots of bands would do the same thing
j yeah the band earned it, not the individual. you’re the sum of your parts
v but yeah i guess the point we’re making is that the reason i like that scene is the fact that they are making the music you can tell they really enjoy. it’s good music, it’s music that i can relate to, there’s no bullshit, there’s no strings attached, there’s no egos, it’s just cool.

it’s just a cool scene and it feels good to be part of it. i take pride in being a part of it
j people have told me the scene here’s more like, cos it’s smaller, everyone knows everyone, over in melbourne it’s bigger maybe more competitive. you’re inevitably going to know everyone cos it’s a such a small place. what i’ve heard about the melbourne scene is there’s more bands who are like ‘we’re going to make it and we’re going to make it big’
ali- i don’t want to get big. i don’t want to get played on triple j
a well you gotta stop writing hits then ali!
v stop writing the pop bangers maaate!
a your songs, they’re SONGS
j self contained entities
ali- well, i don’t want people who listen to triple j to judge my music
j just listen to rtr then
ali- rtr’s alright
v make it to rtr

a ok last question. what do you think happens when we die
j oh
v i turned 22 recently and i’ve been thinking about mortality a lot recently. i know it’s pretty pathetic
j i’ve got a pretty cynical outlook
v yeah i’ve got a pretty cynical outlook
j i think you just go into the ground and worms eat you and maybe a lemon tree will feed off you
v i’ve heard that thing about like the 8 grams that disappears that is
j your soul
v yeah apparently your soul. where does that go?
j you just poop it. you know you poop when you die
v you die, you shit, you move on
j i know it sounds cynical but
a was that a haiku?
j but by saying you just go to the ground and die it just means, this is the only time that you’re alive, and you have to do what you love now, and it doesn’t matter what other people think about it, it doesn’t matter what you’re parents think about it – hi mum, hi dad – you just do what you want to do and makes you happy because this is our only chance. i know it’s kind of cynical but like i feel like a lot of people live their lives suffering, and doing what they think they should do not what they want to do, because they think there’s an afterlife. i feel like, now’s the time, do what makes you happy

v yeah, that’s definitely what we do. hahah
j yeah i think a lot of people live in guilt or they live the way they’re meant to live

(another guy called oscar comes) oscar: oh are you doing the interview still?

v yeah, last question
a last words
j anyone else have views on death?
v it’s fun. ha! oscar what’s your view on death?
o …
a aaahhhh we’re done
j + v we’re done!