True Miracle - Can Rice be Altered by Consciousness? Week 1


There’s a Japanese man called Dr Emoto. He talked to water in various ways. To some water he whispered sweet nothings. To other water he whispered vile nothings, black nothings. And to other water he whispered nothing at all.

Then he whispered to rice.

The water changed under the sound of his voice. The rice changed under the sound of his voice. But it was not only the sound – even his unspoken voice, the one in his mind, could move these molecules.

“Hmm.” This is the sound of contemplation, or this is the sound of scepticism, or this is the sound of agreement.

I’m going to redo one of his experiments, and you are invited to watch. I took three parts of rice and put it in three jars and covered the jars with cling wrap and a green lackie band. Then to one I tied the word “Love” and began to send my loving feelings and words towards it. To another I tied the word “Hate” and began to hate it, even while I felt bad to even think of rice in this way. The last, I ignored and shall continue to ignore.


On the weekend, meanwhile, I was in the southern lands, the treed and oceaned and rivered lands with a Swedish babe. The whole time we talked kind and loving and positive nothings and somethings to one another, just as friends. We walked through a magical forest where the leaves and the vine fronds and his blonde hair and all the insects picked up the light and cradled it. Where the magic was undeniable. I found a hut made of logs and sticks and bark, carefully constructed and vibrating along with the forest in such patterns that all our molecules were changed.

We felt as though we were dreaming, waking from a dream, as we wandered along the paths. We had our iphones and took photos. I took a video of a tanned and tattooed back, a crown of golden hair, making its way through the trees. There was an undeniable feeling there, that wasn’t anywhere else, and we couldn’t deny it, just say it over and over.


These are the things that cannot be explained yet, but can be felt, and maybe just this one time, one of these things can be put to the gentle ricey test.

See if this thing works, it will mean that before your eyes – our eyes – something entirely miraculous and unbelievable is happening.

If it doesn’t work, well, the forest still felt a certain way and that was undeniable.

I told my housemate about the rice, because she’ll have to deal with mould in jars in our kitchen, and the various consciousness vibes being sent back and forth from it. And when I told her she said in the funniest way “Haha, yeah, as if everything’s connected and god’s in everything and our thoughts affect the world around us! Ha!” You see, when you put it like that, it does seem ridiculously obvious.

We shall see, and in the meantime, please send your vibes to these jars, as labelled, for the next one month.



Matt Saville – photographer, band member in perth, Apricot Rail: “I dunno…. Um… Yeah I think it will work. I’ve seen weirder things happen.”

Stephen Bellair – Doctopus, Electric Toad: “I read some heavy criticisms about his water research, so I say no d®ice! but goodluck/I hope I’m wrong.”

Nathalie Pavlovic – Dianas, Methyl Ethel: “Ohhh yeah I think that maybe it will work, maybe just a little bit at least. Send my love to the love rice jar x.”

Karla – Tame Impala fan, Mexico: “I guess it is a interesting experiment to try not only to know if it is possible but also to discover new things and have new experiences … Im sure that you will find amazing things…”