True Miracle Week #4 - A Change is Gonna Come

Clockwise from top: love, indifference, hate
The rice experiment has come to an end, in a way. In a way because this is just one step on the path of working things out. Working out whether the world is more wonderful, magical, crystallic than we could imagine, or whether it’s like an office with paper stacked up high and nothing going on.

The verdict is this: the hated rice looks beautiful. The white mould covers over the rice, making it into clouds that any angel could fly on. It’s speckled with black, like the angels are all carrying pepper shakers, and letting little bits fall as they wing over. The loved rice looks beautiful too. In the sunlight I want to dive in, be taken by each hand and led through it, the yellow glow surrounding me as the angels fly me over.

But the ignored rice is black… Still beautiful… But like the whole pepper jar was tipped in. Dr Emoto was right.

Meanwhile, another miracle happened. A photo was put up on Facebook, with the picture of a drop-in centre without enough volunteers. People replied, people came to the meetings, the centre was opened again on Tuesday nights. This is the true miracle, a Swedish exchange student, a Scitech employee and a hot blonde lawyer all together on a Tuesday night serving food to the kind of people who would come to a drop-in centre on a Tuesday night to be served a meal.

All this happened in a month. Week 1 we went to visit the place, to see how it worked. Week 2 we did our first night and I met a man who told me his life and who on Week 3 promised to bring a photo of his first grandchild from his teenage son to show me on Week 4.

And on Saturday night David Craft launched his album and in the middle of his show sung the song “A Change is Gonna Come”. Because of Facebook I know that lots of people cried. Because of being a human, I know that the room was full of power and that people were truly moved. While the song was going I could feel it deep in my spirit – yes, a change is gonna come. A special person named Hayley Beth started singing from out in the audience, her voice lifting up to the stage, and so David lifted her up onto the stage with his own voice to keep singing.

I took the experiment seriously, even though I was slack. And miracles did happen, even though I’m not going to eat the love rice. And despite all the shit all over the world, when David, Hayley and David’s band played “A Change Is Gonna Come” they sounded like the truest words on earth.