Pancakes. Maple Syrup Please. 3 Good Things This Year.

All I want for Christmas is world peace, everyone to care about the earth, and a naked man except for an apron cooking me pancakes and smiling real nice when he turns round to ask if I’d prefer maple syrup or lemon and sugar.

In a few days I’ll find out if I got my wishes. Otherwise, here are some good things that happened this year in Perth to do with music.

1. When Mei Saraswati started playing shows again. Everyone I know avows that Mei is one of the toppest of top best Perth music people who is making songs and doing shows that are world class. My friend Sharky said the other night at the bakery after Mei played ‘I would pay hundreds of dollars to see that.’ Well, he only had to pay $15, and because Mei is a legend in more ways than just musically, I dunno… I don’t think anyone will ever have to pay hundreds. We’ll just get to keep her, even though the good people of the world deserve her. I danced next to many friends when she played that night, and closed my eyes, and put my hands out around the imaginary shoulders of the Pancake Maker. Mei took a hiatus for a while, I think, but to everyone’s pleasure and relief, the hiatus is over – four leaf clover.

2. When the drummer from The Love Junkies wrote a big personal article in one of the music websites about not fitting either gender exactly and wanting to wear “girls” clothes, and all the rest of the related feelings and experiences in deep, personal detail. Pretty sure I had tears in my eyes when I read this article. The Love Junkies are a pretty heavy very excellent loud rock band and the best part of the article apart from all of it was the part where he described his bandmates’ reactions to him revealing his long hidden secrets. “Well, wear a dress to band practice and we’ll all get drunk and we can make a night of it”; that’s my paraphrase, cos I don’t have the internet to look up the exact words, but what a beautiful thing to happen out of someone’s hard-lived tear jerking experience. So much love.

3. When Maddison was on the telly. I was away in the americas at this time, but Maddison of Laurel Fixation fame got put on community telly by Alex Griffin of Ermine Coat to sing songs wearing a long dress and have her face washing double-exposed across the tv screens. All I saw of this were pictures on facebook, but I could honestly feel the effect it had across the universe, bringing light, happiness, love, tenderness, forgiveness, healing, good vibes where previously there might have been sadness and hiddenness and any other thing on that side of the fence. Yes, I am extrapolating out to the universe from some facebook pictures, but I feel I have the goods to do so.

3 Is a magic number, so I’ll stop there. I would have also written about all the new baby bands that left their nappies behind and became real live boys and girls spewed out into shows and recordings, and of course, Camp Doogs and the implications of it happening again, all the solo albums that came out, Emlyn Johnson playing by the river there at Doogs, hopefully taking the place of Peter Bibby by being recognised for his immensely incredible songwriting henceforth by many more people, and many other things, but that’ll have to do cos it’s Christmas Eve and I can almost smell the pancakes.