Tahlia's Patreon Campaign

Tahlia Palmer, regular written contributor to Cool Perth Nights and long time photographic documentor of Australian music, is looking for patrons to help with some much needed technology repairs and acquisitions. With enough financial support, she is planning to take a long-awaited trip to South Queensland and Northern NSW, to find out more about her Aboriginal heritage, and to meet previously unknown family members, which she will, of course, be documenting with her camera and her pen.

To help make this happen, she has set up a profile on Patreon, a website built for creators, like crowd funding, but a little different. If you sign up to be a patron, you can either pay an upfront donation, or set up a monthly donation of your choice, which will provide you exclusive access to Tahlia’s new work, ranging from photographs, video experiments, essays, paintings, maybe even poetry and short stories. If you’ve ever enjoyed Tahlia’s column, or appreciated her photographs and music videos, consider making a donation to help get this talented Perthite to her ancestral lands!