We drank, and we exploded in a convulsion of energy, in the energetic time, in the energetic space. And then, each retreats, because explosion cannot happen forever.

Entropy: energy that is not able to do work. Energy that is slowing down. It is a term coined in thermodynamics. Second law of thermodynamics. Basic physics; that is how things move. Every thing slows down and dissipates and disintegrates and degrades eventually. Wabi-sabi. Nothing stays the same.


If society is to be understood by the technologies that form their paradigms – their ways of viewing and behaving in the world – then surely we can only view ours-right-now as an epically sped up and confusing one simply because we are having huge technological leaps at a very, very quickly accelerating rate. Everyone knows this.

In the 15ish years since I hit puberty, I have experienced most kids I knew at the time having flip-phones that can connect phone calls and text messages across the country and sometimes planet & some of us talking about the internet sometimes but not really spending too much time unless you were a “nerd” which wasn’t very common in the schools I attended… to most kids I see having smart phones with instant access to the whole of the 15+ years of increased usage of internet and spending heaps and heaps and heaps of time on the internet doing fast paced communication and watching and consuming and consumer feedback. That is sooooo much stuff that is different, in 15 years! Too much for our only recently evolved human minds to handle. We’ve barely had the time to evolve to adjust to agriculture, there’s so much adaptation to be done, so many technologies and then medicines and pesticides to adjust to and so quickly… no wonder so many humans are in to the idea of being a cyborg. Stave off from cancer you’re going to get from pollution, overcome any physical shit times that stop you from obtaining enough money to survive comfortably. So many things to do, such little life left. Need to be part machine to keep up with all this shit. “FML make me robot now plz.”

We’re in an age of explosion, watch it explode, but it won’t last forever. It won’t. The laws of physics say so (kinda, I think, the smallest particles humanity has found behaves in this way at least as far as I know thanks to the reading I’ve been doing in the last few weeks). Wired is good.

So…everything we can see and also touch exists under these laws.

Whatever power the magic within global political economics has, it cannot sustain itself on the finite resources it came from, birthed from mining, from ground; the resources that feed it, the metals, the oils, the salts… the kings still don’t have real alchemists yet, trickery can’t last for much longer, the finite will run out eventually (soon, at this rate) and humans who are terrified by this destruction have no choice but to ready themselves for continually increasing change. Know the land, kids. It’s the only thing that will save us all.

I’ve been watching a few American made documentary films lately (maybe that’s why I’m so doomsday this week?), and it got me to thinking… I reckon the terms “socialist” and “communist” are used so much in American media as a derogatory term because they are the only words most English speakers have that can name a different way of structuring society (whether or not it means what they think it means), and no one can think of any other ways, comfortably, or at least the ideas haven’t caught on in broader society yet… so those “bad” terms are the only alternative, and the talking heads of capitalism spit on+with those words in order to scare people away from them. Scatter the thoughts of change that were bannered under the term “socialism”, take their words away so that they cannot continue to collect; shatter the enclosure that allows for safe and reasonable questioning in order for the progressive cells of English speaking society to carry out their cleaning functions. It’s societal war-fare. Human-eco-war-fare. There is a spilt coming; and it is an even bigger one than what already exists in “global income brackets”. I wish there didn’t have to be such a divide.

P.S. I wonder if anti-socialists understand that socialism means being shared with, as well as sharing…?

P.P.S. Wasn’t Jesus, at heart, a socialist? Didn’t he share? Wasn’t he shared with? Yet so many people who claim to uphold Christian values, or those who claim to be culturally tied to those values, just straight up do not like to share? It is as if they are the half enlightened flock of false prophets, roaming the land like they own it, instead of instinctively knowing that they and everything else grows from it. And I’m like: if you’re gonna be greedy, that ruins it for everyone and the planet that sustains us will be destroyed way quicker than if it was out of our hands, woo woo.

P.P.S. I remembered what you said about the ignorant, about how they should never be hated because they legit just don’t know any better. It’s a complicated thing: nature, nurture, mutations caused by any number of factors (so many as a result of human industrialization)… it’s difficult to look at it holistically. I guess just gotta be Zen about it, yeah?

P.P.P.S. Am I ignorant? I can’t actually tell any more.