Throwing a Dead Cat on the Table.

(warning: lots of swear words)

‘In short, “to throw a dead cat on the table” means you’re raising an issue that’s unpleasant (dead cats do smell), can’t really be solved (the cat is dead), and would be avoided by most people (what can you do with a dead cat?). But everyone will talk about the dead cat, which means they won’t be talking about some other topic. More importantly, they wont be talking about a topic you would rather they didn’t, perhaps one you’re trying to hide.’ – Richard1098 forums
Sep 2013

My rant begins now:


I hate this, all of this.

Fuckiiiiiiiiiing “they’ll take our jobs” and “they’ll be in the dole cue” at the same time bullshit; it’s almost as if the man is insane, but he is probably not insane, probably sociopathic, he’s using that fucked-up and cold tactic of appealing to the rotten racist streak that stinks up the fabric of Australian society. This country was founded on the idea of white supremacy, and it continues to be influenced by this factor, brown people in off-shore prisons funded by our government, setting themselves on fire out of sheer desperation to show how fucked up their treatment has been and continues to be and Your Average Aussie is all like “but did you know that those queue jumpers are swapping their TAX PAYER FUNDED cigarettes for booze and weed??? NOT ON MY DOLLAR SEND EM BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM” while they dream their aspirational dreams of negative gearing on their second investment property and their young adult children smoke so much meth that Western Australia has the highest amount of meth users IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD.

These are the voters Dutton and Turnbull and Bishop are hoping to hook here, allowing those ignorant bigots to “freely express” their agreement with which ever bit of the corpse they feel most strongly. You make that dead cat gross enough, and that racist stink completely overwhelms that of any other issue in the media.


Did you know that during the time of “White Australia” policies (various immigration restrictions between 1901 and the late 1970’s), not only were non-White/non-European people not allowed to immigrate here, but Aboriginal people who left the country could also be refused re-entry? THAT’S WHAT WE COME FROM.

Someone close to me works in construction, and he’s been telling me about the racist shit that gets thrown around on site, my favourite example is when they were listening to my friend’s choice of radio station, some chill early rock and roll stuff to break the monotony of Commercial Hits, no one complaining, work getting done, but when the presenter’s voice came on saying “You are listening to Noongar FM” the Irish bloke suddenly expressed extreme distaste, something like “What teh fook are we doing listening to this shite, this is the Abo station”. My friend regularly pulls his workmates up on racism (“you know it’s their land don’t you mate?”), and is often met with that whole “you can’t talk about that shit on site” response. No one likes being called racist because being racist is fucked, but so many people who legitimately display racist behaviour and speech can’t admit that’s what it is, cry “PC POLICE”, to which I want to cry “JUST DO US ALL A FAVOUR AND ADMIT THAT YOU THINK NON-WHITE PEOPLE ARE INFERIOR” because then we can deal with it all properly, have proper discussions about it, you won’t have to pretend anything, just be real jeeeeeeeeeez.

I almost can’t deal with this any more. I mean, I still have hope that this awful shit will push voters capable of critical thinking towards non-Lib votes but like, what if that doesn’t happen, and then the Liberals could trot out the “we have a mandate” line again that makes them think it’s okay to keep flouting Human Rights and Indigenous Rights, AND ALSO, they’re proposing something that looks almost like worker-exploitation on poor young people, cutting education funding but giving businesses up to $10,000 for hiring “interns” so these young people can get another $200 on top of their well-under-the-povety-line Newstart Allowance for working 25 hours a week, creating a situation where full-time workers could be replaced by these financially lucrative “interns” thus creating even MORE employment problems…

My gut is screaming that, as a nation, we can do much better than that. Given the rapid evolution of technology and issues related to this evolution, and the continued dying-out of various industries etc, wouldn’t it be a better long-term strategy to invest in free education…?

But that’s not the conservative agenda. The only “future” these sorts of politicians appear to think about is one where they are better off, unlike progressives, who want to see EVERYONE better off.

I guess it makes sense that conservatives are in power during this time of massive social/cultural/technological/economic upheaval/change, change is scary, BUT IT CAN’T BE AVOIDED, the mines won’t last forever, the oil won’t last forever, we NEED sustainable energy, we NEED to pay attention to ecological damage, we are part of that ecological system, we live on this planet amongst it all, to behave as if we are separate from it is narcissistic, broken; the mistakes of the past + the actions and social construction of history’s most greedy, selfish and disconnected leaders have lead us to this place where humans all over the world with resources in abundance are completely unwilling to part with them without a profit in return, patting each other on the backs for their hard work, even though the nature of profit means that someone somewhere else is loosing out, it’s an unsustainable process, there is no balance, and without balance, systems break, people suffer. History shows this, over and over. Education is the key to not making the same mistakes again, and it makes me want to pull out my hair thinking about how little emphasis is placed on equitably accessible quality education in the broader public discourse on how this country distributes its resources.

I know I’m preaching to the converted here. The chances of you, the reader, disagreeing with the statements made here are slim, as is the nature of communities who give a shit about creative cultural expression. So what’s the point in slagging off our immigration minister in capital letters for your eyes to read? Expression of frustration, a hope that you understand it, a hope that if you feel the same way then maybe lots of other people do too and we’re not alone in caring about people more than profit.

In conclusion, please let’s try to ignore the festering carcass our “democratically elected” politicians have thrown on to the media table, and instead keep talking about the things we NEED to change in order to build a better, more supportive, more harmonious and open minded society.

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