Sex Talk, And Why Our Kids Are Screwed

I’ve often thought that the only two points of life, of any life, human or otherwise, are sex and death. That’s it. This is apparently a very adolescent preoccupation, and I suppose I have never quite evolved my thinking to go beyond that, because to me, it seems so simple. Everything we do can be interpreted as a way to get laid, and then we all die. We are, most of us, big balls of sexual energy, trying to ignore it or forget it or supress it in day-to-day life, because it’s often not appropriate to express such carnal desires to the full extent that we feel them.

For example, say I see the most beautiful young man I’ve seen in a long, long time just doing whatever, like, playing with a dog or something… it’s not exactly appropriate to say “I really, really want to fuck you right now”. But, by god am I thinking it, yearning for it, wondering what the hell it’ll be like because I am insanely attracted to him. Want. To. Ngggggg. But you know, can’t just say/do it exactly when you want to. Things is, I bet we’d all love to be able to just say/do it exactly when we want to, no holds barred, but for some reason we don’t allow ourselves to do this. Why? Why the hell are we denying the pleasure of turning the world in to one big orgy? Probably because we’d never get anything else done…

Modern day western society is the most openly promiscuous one that we’ve seen in centuries. After generally casting off the shackles of religious moral codes and traditional marriage contracts, we’ve found ourselves with a couple of generations of humans who have had sex with at least three times as many people as their grandparents did at their age. Birth control has afforded us the opportunity to explore our sexual urges without the risk of unwanted pregnancy, if we’re clever about it at least, and I think that is a pretty interesting thing.

To explore your sexual desires is to become at peace with yourself. I suppose it’s different for people who are in to children, or rape, or raping children. That’s not healthy; it’s destructive. But maybe that compulsion came because their natural urges were supressed for too long, and they became distorted and knotted and eventually broke completely. If that’s not reason enough to be real about your sexual desires, I don’t know what is.

But I think many of today’s youth have seen society’s changing values, and have become confused by what it actually means to be promiscuous and adventurous. Commercial media has saturated their realities with a disconnection from what is real and what is fake, unattainably beautiful bodies and idealised relationships a world away from what is common, what is true, what is normal. Selling everything with sex, applauding beautiful idiots for being beautiful idiots, focussing on women’s bodies instead of their brain power…

And so, we find teenagers posting near naked photos of themselves online, sending naked selfies to their crushes, in a bid to garner attention and validation. Please, I’ve got my tits out, like and comment plzzzzzzz. They’ve hit that normal life point of experimentation and discovery of their bodies/feelings/urges, but the whole process has been distorted under the reign of profit driven companies looking to appeal to that demographic, that target market, which all but turns them in to consumerable goods because that’s all they know. Tiny torn denim shorts that show off buttcheeks are on every third teenage girl at the height of summer, and boys drink protein shakes to get those sweet muscles that they will never use for anything except household chores. These kids are too concerned with what they look like to pay attention to what they feel outside of that, and what it means to really connect with another human being sexually.

So they hook up, have sex, bone a different person as much as possible because that is gennnnnerally kind of accepted as normal, but they don’t have the emotional capacity to deal with the implications of those kinds of relationships. Hell, I didn’t until recently, and I am of a generation with slightly less sex-sells media all up in my childhood grill. Perhaps if people were far freer in talking about what sex actually means as adults, then our youth wouldn’t be running around having totally meaningless sex that does nothing for them except briefly fill some emotional hole left over from their vapid upbringing by the media.

Everything is sex and death.