Never Go Civilian

Deception is a thing.

In the opening paragraph on the Wikipedia article on Deception (as of August 13th 2014), it is stated that:

“If people expected most conversations to be untruthful, talking and communicating with others would require distraction and misdirection to acquire reliable information.”

I’m going to ignore the annoying punctuation for the sake of pertinence.

But I do like that vaguely convoluted sentence, because it has a good feel; within that statement is the implication that it is expected that conversations should be truthful.

That interaction should be truthful.

That communication should be truthful.

I think that should be the case.

Seems like it’s a generally accepted case.


Yeah, mostly.

I’d prefer it if all interaction were that way. Truthful.

edit:: I have seen too many diversion tactics in the way people communicate with each other, tactics in place to slowly figure thoughts and feelings out. ((just say the damn thing))

I would fucking love it if everything were actually proven to be truthful and honest in all the ways, all of the time (science, what a sanctuary). They’re probably not though. Realistically, I know they’re not. Not really. Not actually, not really. Not. Really. It’s so easy to twist truth. Everything can be twisted and you’re so easily distracted.

Honest question, relating back to that wiki definition: how much of your interaction with other humans is spent dealing with distraction? Misdirection?

Much of my interaction with humans has been in behind-the-bar hospitality atmosphere, and I have learnt to look at people in a certain kind of way…

…a distracted yet attentive kind of way:
I don’t want to know your life/night story, but I will happily engage with your drink order/the crux of what you want from me kind of way, and I will learn a lot about you (and myself) from that…

…an attentive yet distracted kind of way:
I am (perversely) willing to listen to your conversations, but I don’t want to engage with your mouth-words/what you (perversely) imagine I could give you in exchange kind of way, and I will learn a lot about you (and myself) from that.

I pick my social battles behind the bar very wisely, and it is a big influence on everything outside of a bar. I now pick all of my battles very wisely.
Social battles, mostly.
And I legit feel that society is a battle.
Socialisation can be a battlefield, a war ground, and modern (and post-modern, and everything else whatever) society is based on deception.
Humanity is at the whim of a global economy, at the whim of profiteers, with the biggest population (and capability of communication) we’ve ever known, and our natural inclinations are all distorted and pretty fucked up because of wanting to suck profit, and being told that we need to accept sucking profit, and not looking at the truth of what cough suck cough profit cough it? cough … so PLEASE just remember how evolutionarily childish we are in terms of social understanding.

We’re just learning (as a global community) the whole implications-of-imperialism-thing, you know? Compared to how long all-of-those-societies-that-European-mercantilism-all-but-destroyed were having their own times working on their own shit… yanno? The oldest fucking culture in the world is here in this country but is pretty much on its last ankles thanks to the British monarchy… yanno?

All of the modern understanding, the modern European, the modern British understanding hasn’t been around for that long compared to how long humans have been evolving, you know? And it’s not going so good; that whole thing has not been going so good for as long as globalised takeovers have been a thing, all the in-fighting between European nations because resources and profits and resources and profits and suck suck suck (but still global economies failing but you would barely know because Australia was saved by having not many people in a land of fucking heaps of resources in the land) and all of the uprisings from the taken over, victim versus victor, AND THERE SHOULD NO LONGER BE VICTIMA VICTOR THING BECAUSE WE’RE ALL KNOWLEDGABLE OF THE WORST, LETS WORK TOGETHER AND CREATE SOMETHING NEW AND IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE ABOUT WHAT CAN BE DUG OUT OF THE GROUND for fucking fuckingsss sake…

And don’t even get me started on global religious indoctrination or corporate business interests as a way to sneakily rally humans together in a way that isn’t actually that good for our bodies and/or minds and/or everything… creates all this fucking warfare between all the people that should actually just be buddies with each other… that’s a thing we haven’t figured out either: how to be good buddies. Seems dumb we haven’t figured that out properly yet…

How the hell is anyone expected to have any sense of decency, have any fucking trust in our fellow humans when so many people as a whole, but mainly so many of the people we’re taught/told to look up to, to have some idea of faith in, are prepared to just throw shit at each other when they’re shitty, upset, bit confused or something, about something?

But I suppose that’s why deception is rife. Because you get a shit feel, and you wanna express that with anger, and then you don’t actually want to because that’s antithetical to everything you’ve ever held sacred within your own blessed body/mind temple… And it’s a funny thing. Antithetical, antithesis, antiwhatever. Whatever man. It’s tragedy. And it’s a comedy. So you laugh. And then you drink. And then you end up working at that bar for way longer than you ever expected to. Or you end up deciding politics is the only way that you can either:

a) change things for the better
b) make yourself a real nice career
c) effectively take the piss

(Career politicians are why deception is so rife in politics, btw. Real talk. CAN I GET A HASHTAG: REAL TALK)

Cynics. We’re everywhere. And we’re the not the nicest guys. We don’t trust anything. But it’s the cynics on the right side of politics who decide to throw their weight behind self-interest, behind profit, behind making sure that coal keeps going as a thing until it’s completely fucking sucked dry out of the ground. And that stinks of rotten, rotten humanity. Cynics on the left just get depressed. And we kill ourselves, with absolute intention to escape from this hell hole, as soon as we realise we can’t deal no more.


I am tempted to think that it is because of my experience as a bar tender that I can see the intent to deceive a mile away. Camouflage, disguise, simulation: they are tools with which to make us think a thing that is not true is what everyone actually wanted all along. And there are so many reasons to do it, so much stufffffs to make us feel like it’s okay; and to not be aware of it being done to us. To accept as norm. To save us from hurt, to save us from truth, to save us from annoyance. To save us from the crushing realisation that we can never be all the things we thought we might want to be for a brief moment in our lives.

You should watch this series.

It’s funny how the brain works.
It’s funny how everything works.
It’s funny how people think they work and how their work works and how the world works around them,
and how they think they work the world.
Its funny how the world does actually work because of the work that people actually put in to it.
It’s funny how the people in power do their work and then make things happen that affect how our lives work;
and it’s funny how everything works because of all the work we do or don’t do.
It’s funny how democracy works.
It’s funny how democracy doesn’t work.
It’s funny how emotions work, and it’s also funny how trust works.
It’s funny how democracy works with trust, or at least a vague notion of trust, or distrust, and how the notion of trust or lack thereof can affect how democracy works, or how it doesn’t work.
It’s funny how an elected leader of a nation can make a thousand choices about how that nation is run based on a sweeping statement he made without having a legitimately justified democratic process to dictate the intricacies of that/those statements…
I think I’m reaching for a more social democracy.
I think I’m reaching for more poetry/
I think I’m reaching for truth in a system which I know can’t provide it,
and I can’t even provide it for myself,
and if I am thinking so much about the way a democracy works, and getting so fucking wigged out by how undemocratic Australia really is- but then also can’t figure out how to make sure my belly is full every day- then what right do I have to be ranting about all of those bigger things?

I dunno man.

Post Script:

One big thing I have learnt from Robin Williams’ death:

Never go civilian.


postpostcript: it’s not funny how i’ve lied, how i have ever lied. i never want to lie again.