Slanted and Enchanted

Slanted and Enchanted. First festival thing I’ve been to in Perth since Four Tet played here for Laneway Fest. I can’t remember when that was, what year it was. I don’t know what I was expecting. Not knowing many people in the crowd and not being stuck in huge crowds, that’s about all. I walked in to it with my camera and a note pad, ready for double documentation, no memory, just momentary.

I’m going to attempt to collate my scribbles from the night, for you, my version.

Here are some photos if you’re more imagey than wordy.

So. Perth were the band I saw first. I’ve listened to their first record too much to comfortably see them in such a horribly under-filled theatre. Their sound wasn’t big enough for the space. Saville told me later that it was only their …6th..? show? And only the …20th…? time they’ve all been in a room together? I look forward to seeing them one more time before half the band runs back to Melbourne. Jilted is a great track. It’s one of my favourites ever.

I’m totally entranced by the mermaid on screen. Darryl Hannah? No. Abbe Kershaw?? NO. I DON’T KNOW. THERE’S TOBY MAGUIRE. I wanna be a mermaid. Crescendo point of first song lining up perfectly with the mermaid struggling with divers; my heart is racing. I really feel background shit is necessary for this band. You can’t just watch them. They’re good music to write to, for me, that’s for sure (my friend really wants to meet the fat roadie they have side of stage).
I don’t like the funk stuff too much. Slow build up in complication and then bringing it back down to the base groove… is that what funk is? Is that all? This is a serious question. What IS funk? But the dive in to more of this repetitive hypno-math tirade was fucking wonderful. Their sound, their real sound. The funk part made me appreciate the good part more. “OH YEAH I LIKE THIS NOW WOOOOO” body rocks uncontrollably

(Somebody said that I look like Scott Pilgrim’s girlfriend. Is this true?)

I don’t know what to make of Cow Parade Cow. Caught the last two songs, and was sickened by the sweetness/high-energy/bizarre versions (see siblings and lookalikes) of people I used to see more often… but was enamoured by how much fun the crowd appeared to be having. Fun without aggression. Purity? Purity of fun? Jesus.
…wait. Could they be religious? That would explain some of it. Are any of them Christian? OH GOD??? I just want to know.

Watching Runner, I feel like I’m 17 again, fresh out of high school, sitting in the room of some boy who really FEELS Death Cab For Cutie- but I only feel this because of the vocals. These boys seem to have a nice cohesion, a nice sweeping sound, but it’s just nice, you know? They’re for bedrooms, or studies, if you’re in to post-rock a bit, or they’re friends of yours and you’re interested in post-rock a bit; wistful, not energetic or interesting enough for people to naturally stand close during this show, at least. Keep going and experimenting please, post-rock etc doesn’t have to sound like your idols. Post-rock is kind of done to death.

Metz was loud-queens-of-stoneage-something-loud mixed with heaps of other stuff, the rig was GOOOOOD and so much they kept reminding me of something else, something I couldn’t put my finger/s on. Fun. Punk. Good photo times. I got amongst, swigged some brown liquor, and revelled in the aggression I’ve become so used to over the last few years.

Fab Diamonds. Fuck. They don’t know what to with this. The crowd I mean. It seems to be a strange choice compared to the rest of the lineup, and man, both band and audience don’t seem to be entirely comfortable with it. I don’t know what to do. How does one show appreciation in this sort of weird atmosphere; I can’t stand up the front for too long with no other crowd standing, no. No. I like this band, but they’re pissed off enough to make me feel uncomfortable about standing too close, so, I just retreat-run to somewhere dark where I can sit down and furiously scribble rant in to my notebook.
And I’m finding them really good to write to. Hypnotising and sad. I’m enchanted by the slow meander. I wish I could smoke a cigarette in here. I wish I were invisible in here. This band is not a social time. The sound in the Cool Perth Nights room seems a bit off.

Deerhunter are way better than the last time I saw them, because this time wasn’t spent at the back of the packed fucking Corner Hotel with an aching back, and wanting SO BADLY to be up the front because I knew all the words…
And this time I don’t. give. A. shit. I’ve forgotten all the words.
This live show is striking me to be sounding quite similar to The Strokes… or am I just drunk? Maybe it’s in the mixing? Guitar tone? Something in the demeanour? Gah. This is a sound I don’t care about anymore. I’m jiving, but I ain’t vibing.

Le1f was fun fun party rap styles. I was pretty, pretty drunk by then from all the brown liquor consumed in some park between Astor and the Bakery. The DJ, Messkid, was total babe in his Bjork t-shirt, Le1f was a total babe in his campy internet-culture steez. I danced. I ogled. I took a shit load of photos. So many photos.

So. More things like this please guys. That was fun. Shit like this goes off in Melbourne because there’s way more people, a way bigger audience, and it seems hard to get many people out and participating in new events. This time seemed pretty on point. Congraaaaaats and well done.