A night with Tim and Eric

Last night I watched a weird looking, pot bellied man with water tipped down his shirt flirt with my boyfriend. He stared into his eyes and caressed his arm. He complimented his nose-ring; it was the first time he’s ever liked it on a man. He pinched his butt a little and invited himself to our house to talk about candles. The look on boyfriend’s face was gut wrenching- he was frozen, hypnotised, staring back into this man’s eyes, trying to keep up the level of intensity for as long as he could handle it… he was nearly crying with joy, as was I, and my legs went a little weak from how much I was laughing. Boyfriend had been waiting for this moment for years, and he was finally there with this man, looking at his face, being unexpectedly complimented in a ridiculously intimate way.

Why the shit did this awkward thing matter so much to him, and why was I so pleased to watch it go down? Because the pot bellied dude was none other than Tim Heidecker, and he is in the best comedy duo in the world with Eric Wareheim, duh.

This is the video that notified me of their plans to visit Australia and do some shows and be great in front of me.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnTneJ_LSoM AND HOW FUCKING GOOD IS THAT VIDEO??? Better than this shit:
http://youtu.be/P6fHQVyesj0?t=43s (stop it at 0:55, there’s no point going further)
I lost it. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I never expected to have the opportunity to see these guys do their things in real life, never expected to see their faces on anything but a screen. I showed everyone, talked about it constantly, signed up to MoshTix or whatever it was so I could get the special pre-sale tickets to avoid any unpleasant immediate sell out situation that might occur, bought two tickets as soon as I could and was HAAAAAAPPY. It sold out fast enough to announce a second show, and all the slow dinguses went to that one, and me and all the other fast bastards went to the Friday night show, last weekend. AND OH MAN I’ve never laughed so much in my life.

For those not familiar with the genius of Tim and Eric, I think the best way to describe their comedy style is that of awkward absurdist endurance. Their Adult Swim TV show, “Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job”, has five seasons to it, each of them full of awkward skits, bizarre characters, shitty advertisements for useless products, fucked up situations and weird songs. So much of the hilarity lies in the editing, with shots that go for just the right amount of way too long and emulations of computer glitches. They completely nail their piss-take of community broadcast television, and most of it feels like memories of my 90’s childhood distorted through various drug trips, with near constant references to family issues (crushing on your sister, having a dad, this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwhZ8Y82xw4 ) and regular appearances by Weird Al Yankovich. I can’t begin to describe the way I laugh at this shit. The pleasure it brings is almost self-destructive.
So as I was saying, the live show was fucking great. It was amplified by some powdered fungus we chanced upon in the palm of a friend, which I thought at first might not be the best idea, but, actually, turns out IT TOTALLY WAS THE BEST IDEA. Just a taster of the fungus mind you, just to get the brain working slightly differently without wanting to get naked and imagining the people around you are all lifeless zombies. Watching mindless toilet humour taken so far that it becomes the cleverest thing you can imagine is at once one of the most disturbing and invigorating experiences I’ve ever had. Fucking. Perfect.

Obviously, I believe that meeting one or both of these guys would be GREAT, but you know, I’m very calm/scared as hell about that whole talking-to-people-I’ve-never-met-who’s-careers-and-work-I-admire thing, so I didn’t bother trying to meet Eric when we had the chance to later that night, at a party held by Vice at a bar in the city where he was djing. Boyfriend, however, rarely lets anything get in the way of doing exactly what he feels like, so decided that instead of feigning sobriety and a relaxed attitude like I was trying to do, he ran up and threw his hands at Eric’s chest as he walked past, and screamed in his face whilst also trying to get my attention as I had my back turned, struggling to piece a sentence together in a conversation with someone. Boy friend was at first laughing like a crazy person, until he realised that even though touching Eric’s chest was a great time, he was wishing it had been Tim, and this made him sad, and I was starting to freak because the party was full of people who didn’t know Eric Wareheim and his DJ accompaniment and so didn’t know that their DJ set was a joke and that meant they were all there to look cool at a Vice party and they were all on every fabricated drug on the planet and they were all disgusting to watch and bump into and line up for the toilet with and to look at… so we decided to leave, sit by the river, discuss Tim and Eric for a while, then discuss the world for a while, and then walk back to Footscray from the city along the train lines, because, you know, a two-hour walk felt like the right thing to do at that point.

And then last night was the intimate Tim Heidecker show at The Toff in Melbourne, and the tickets were only $30 but the beer was hyper expensive, and his face is amazing, and his stage presence is bizarre, and he made my boyfriend so happy that I’m not sure I could ever make him smile or laugh like that again, and I want every body out there to give Tim and Eric a fucking shot, because if you dig it, you’ll FUCKING dig it, and if you don’t dig it, then you can just put it on the pile of awesome shit you don’t understand and won’t ever let yourself take pure, free pleasure in, and so whatevers all round. If you haven’t watched it before, give it a shooooooooooooooooooooooooooht. BUT WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? EVERYONE KNOWS THIS SHIT RIGHT? Argh, I don’t know what’s going on in the world anymore. Watch these:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwhZ8Y82xw4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqWj6_Om_o4