Having F-f-fun F-f-fighting the F-f-freeze

It is officially winter-time again, and for most of the last month, my extremities have all but dropped off from the cold. Each day it gets more ridiculous, only barely helped by a small radiating heater. My boyfriend and I are like weakened animals, leaning against each other and this tiny heater of our for warmth and comfort, our only true respite from the icy air comes while standing under the shower, but even that is marred by environmental guilt about the energy consumed by taking one’s time, and the knowledge that we have to get out again anyway. It feels there is no end in sight. NO END I SAY.

But to ease the pain a little, today I was listening to American metal band The Sword to keep my blood warm. It worked. And that got me thinking- there are a whole bunch of acts touring around the country this winter, and it makes sense that big, loud, live music would be much better at warming blood than shitty computer speakers. I thought I would compile a brief list for all you readers out there, one that may be useful in warding off Jack Frost’s frozen fingers from your hearts and your sanity this winter, all through the power of MUSIC.

Arguably one of the best musical winter escapes in this country is Splendor in the Grass festival. Held in July in Queensland, the tropical state in which a simple dry season goes on while most of us a drowning in rain and being buffeted by winds, a massive amount of bands and djs come down under and play for us. This year, as always, there are fucking HEAPS of acts, a whole bunch of which are doing side shows. If you can’t make it to the festival, you must surely be considering making it to a sideshow. And if your favourite acts aren’t coming to your city, freaking jump on a plane and go to them! If you fly with Qantas, you’ll get a nice little blanket for the trip! Warm!

Modest Mouse appear to be playing two sideshows in Melbourne, one in Sydney, much to the dismay of indie-rock purists in the rest of the country. That being said, it gives those Converse wearing cutie-pies a great excuse to come and visit! It would be well worth the trip for die-hard fans- all that bopping and shuffling will no doubt keep many bodies warm, and all that thick-framed glasses adjusting might just cause you to knock into someone you can hold hands with. Imagine that: meeting that special someone at a Modest Mouse gig. It kind of seems like a song that should exist already.
The Mars Volta are playing in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide in August. They are a band I would prefer to see in a smaller venue, but I doubt that will ever happen, so I doubt I will ever see them. DJ Shadow is playing in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, which will be DOPE. If I had money to spare, I would definitely be getting VERY tipsy and going to that show. The Kills are also doing some sideshows in Melbourne and Sydney; the sex appeal of these two musicians alone will be enough to make you forget how fucking cold it is outside. Devendra Banhart will be crooning to Melbourne and Sydney too, sending those inclined into fits of new-weird-lust, dreaming of being wrapped in that beautiful hair, warmed by the soft guitar and whimsical lyrical content.

THE BLACK ANGELS ARE COMING. Yes yes yes yes please. I will be forfeiting wine for a while so I can go see this show on my limited budget. Oh BOY OH BOY, their soothing, dark psych has already served as the soundtrack to my forays on to public transport, all shivering and fragile with the booming drums sending me into a world of fur jackets, campfires and drunken cuddles. Fucking love it.

Wu Tang Clan are touring in August! I don’t know much about Wu Tang, but I know I would very much like to see them on stage. I like to think that one day, hopefully soon, I will have the opportunity to just kinda hang out side of stage with my camera, and I won’t have to deal with being in the crowd, which is what I find to be the most terrifying prospect of a Wu Tang show. The energy will no doubt be VERY HIGH, positively electric, and is bound to keep everyone in attendance pumping and warm for days- or even weeks- afterwards, if reviews of past shows are anything to go by. And guess where they’re playing? Melbourne, Sydney and… PERTH. So get on it Perthites, swallow your pride and enter Metro City for what would could easily be the.most.fun thing to happen to you all winter/ year.

There’s a small selection for you, but make sure you keep an eye out for stimulating live music acts coming your way this winter. Don’t stay in and huddle around the heater, get out and enjoy your youth, sweat in the moshpit for an hour then run out into the rain and get a cold, then nurse yourself back to health with heaps of soup, maybe a cat in your bed, and the memories of those rad nights with ridiculously loud music. Best of luck, and don’t blame me if you get pneumonia. LOVE!