Not many would have voted for the Carbon Tax - but it is required!

The carbon tax is on it’s way, even though Prime Minister Gillard promised it wouldn’t happen. Carbon tax! Huzzah! And as always, there a whole bunch of boring assholes that are getting all riled up about the fact that she lied to the Australian public in order to get votes. “Ooohhhh” they fume, “I can’t afford more tax!”. And then certain groups decided it’s the perfect time to attempt a brainwashing, and get all up in arms about the Great Global Warming swindle and that the carbon tax is just another excuse to get more money coming in for the government.

Now I’m all for a well thought out government conspiracy, like the Wikileaks proven Gillard-is-an-american-puppet… but this one just doesn’t cut it. The main argument for these kinds of groups is that 1. global warming doesn’t exist, and carbon dioxide has nothing to do it, even though it doesn’t exist… and 2. the taxes will be there only to take our money and to give governments more control over our lifestyle choices. What kind of selfish, small minded crap is that? Oh no, it’ll be limiting the amount of lights you can afford to have on at once in your house? Have to cut down on television watching maybe? It’ll be too expensive for you to drive your car to the local shops to avoid that 10 minute walk? Boo fucking hoo morons. I shudder to imagine conversations between those people. Full of words that mean nothing, a lot of misplaced frustration, and a general vibe of childish stubbornness.

Whether or not global warming exists, and whether or not carbon dioxide has caused it, it is still preferable to have different energy sources, more sustainable ones than coal and oil. Getting angry about the so-called global warming swindle and the new tax and all of that does not change the fact that at some point in the not-too-distant future, the planet will run out of fossil fuels, and our grandchildren or our grandchildren’s grandchildren or whatever will be stuck with a world, not only without new plastic containers for everything, or new cars, but electricity too, and running water will probably be bit of a bitch if the whole stable society thing comes apart…

It’s not hard too see that certain groups of people, who would massively lose if our energy reliance shifts from petrol to sun, wind and tides, may have seen it in their best interests to slow down the change-over process, at least until after they’re dead so their comfortable way of life doesn’t have to change, by planting seeds of doubt in those who truly value this consumerist way of life created for us…

I’ve heard some arguments against attempting to produce alternative energy sources based around the idea of the using too much fuel to produce the technology required to harness solar, wind and tidal energy. C’monnnnn guys, seriously? I honestly find it tiring to consider this to be a legitimate concern, and yet so many people hover around this attitude, even if only fleetingly. If you’re at that extreme end of the spectrum, complaining about scientists using resources to benefit us in the future, why the fuck aren’t you complaining about the fact that car races are still happening? Where is the purpose of that idiotic waste of petrol?

It makes sense to me that while the energy sources we rely on for the technology we have right now are still comparatively abundant, we should be using them as much as is needed, yet as sparingly as possible, to work on discovering and honing potentially sustainable alternatives. In the mean time, a tax to encourage individuals and businesses to cut down on their carbon usage is not a bad thing. Sure, lots of people will have to change their lifestyles to suit their budgets, but our decadent, environment-raping days of plenty were always going to be limited. Nothing lasts forever, and it is the responsibility of generations x, y and later to take responsibility for this knowledge.

The baby boomers certainly didn’t give it a second thought, their free educations were wasted on selfish economic gain and creating this insane bureaucratic bullshit we all now live in. There was profit to be made, and so many things to be owned! Had to buy a new fucking valiant every two years back in the 70’s didn’t you Uncle Ken? Conveniently forgot all those perspective changing acid trips huh Mr. Hayward? …and now we have to deal with the consequences. No wonder depression and anxiety is rife amongst young people. Any child with half a brain can recognise the awful state of affairs as soon as they begin to learn about the world. Hopefully this carbon tax will help encourage change, because that’s what we desperately need. Positive change! Positive tax! Sigh.