Mixtape for the Homesick

I have been living in Melbourne for about three years now (I think?), and as I’ve said before, many times no doubt, I miss the weather in Perth. The sun comes out right on time and everyone starts smiling and partying, ready for the next BSE (best summer ever) to arrive so they can all have their BBQs and picnics and frisbee championships and night swims at the beach and wear next to nothing at sweaty gigs at the Bakery and pretty much just have the best time ever. You guys get great weather, and I miss that.

In my part of the world, the sun has only been out from behind clouds maybe four full days in total since spring officially began, and it’s still windy and wet most of the time. I decided to have a look at what’s on the cards for Perth weather this week, because I’ve seen nothing but happy fun time hang out photos pop up in my news feed. This is what I found:

16, shower or two clearing
19, partly cloudy
22, sunny periods
24, shower or two developing
22, shower or two
19, shower or two
18, partly cloudy

25, late cloud
23, chance of an early shower
21, shower or two
25, partly cloudy
27, sunny
31, sunny
24, partly cloudy

See this shit?? I need a day of full sun over 24 degrees soon or I’m going to kill something. I’m jealous of you Perth. Really, really jealous. I miss my friends and I miss BSEs. “WELL YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE MOVED TO MELBOURNE YOU WHINGEY SORRY WANKER”, I hear you opinionated Perthtriots say. And you’re right; if I cared more about a cruisy, comfortable, sun filled lifestyle surrounded by family and friends more than my personal goals of world exploration and adventure (hey, I’m getting there alright?), I would have stayed and gotten my driver’s license eventually, driven to City Beach all the time, maybe explored the coast up north, gotten a tan, let my hair get bleached by the salt water and sun… compared to the frustratingly constant soggy shoes and coats I’m experiencing here, that sounds like heaven.

I’ve written before about how the sun makes everyone happier and sexier, and I personally can’t wait for everyone in this city to become happier and sexier- it only happens for about 2 months out of the possible 6 spring/summer months; the rest of the time we’re all mopey, pissed off hipsters. AMIRIGHT?? Seriously though, a sunny day in Melbourne is very different to a sunny day in Perth- Perth feels more open, the sky is bigger, the beach is closer and better, the wind is nicer, and the people are less complainy. The warmer it gets, the more friendly people are because they’re all on their way to a bottle shop and then to a pool or a beach or a backyard hose. It feels the opposite is the case in Melbourne: one day of sun and everyone is smiling and laughing with strangers about it. From that peak of nicety, they seem to descend steadily, within 24 hours, into internal darkness- pissed off about sweat, uncomfortable non-air-conditioned tram rides, tiny enclosed courtyards that are too small to enjoy afternoon beers in, junkies still standing at every corner and stinking up the street on your way to get some fresh fruit from the market… eventually the sun brings out a sort of calm anger in people here- I suppose it’s like a heavier punk edge compared to WA’s more relaxed psychedelic vibe. You know what I mean?

So to take myself back to where my body (and my heart? Awww) so aches to be, I’ve concocted a little playlist for myself, and anyone else who wants to give it a shot the next time they drive to the beach, or do a spring clean, or have an impromptu picnic in Hyde Park. I’ll be listening to this playlist as I move my crap into my new house this weekend, shuffling books around into colour coordinated stacks in the corner of my bedroom and hanging my clothes in oder of length in the cupboard, hopefully it will drown out the drizzling rain I’m expecting to hear in the alleyway outside my bedroom window and transport me to all those backyards and front porches of North Perth that I do so miss.

I’ve put the files together, compressed the folder and uploaded it to Google Docs for your listening pleasure. The link is here:

You should go to it and download (no viruses, I promise). EASY!

The Flaming Lips- Convinced of the Hex
The Black Angels- The Sniper
Dirty Beaches- Horses
Can- Oh Yeah
Dark- Darkside
Dead Meadow- Lady
The Warklocks- Stickman Blues
Psychic Ills- Days
Weird Owl- Skeletelepathic
The 13th Floor Elevators- Roller Coaster
Pink Floyd- Lucifer Sam
The Time Box- Walking Through the Streets of My Mind
Yol Aularong- Jeas Cyclo
Monks- I Can’t Get Over You
The Velvet Underground- I Can’t Stand It
Syd Barrett- No Man’s Land

I should be a DJ or something. Let me know if you like it, I think I’ll start making more…