Swollen Faces, Fat Kids & Butt-Shakin': Remembering How the Flowers Smell

I have already had a bad week, and by the time you read this it will only be Wednesday. Toothache, ex boyfriends, more toothache, work problems, fucking giant swollen face, gum infection blah blah blah, and I can’t bring myself to think about anything that doesn’t make me immediately happy. I need distractions from all the negative things I’m finding so easy to dwell on given that my body is making it very, very clear just how unhappy it is with me, and heck, doesn’t everybody need that from time to time? This change-up from my end might be just the accompaniment to the seasonal change-up going on all over the world, so I guess it’s time for some examples of why it is nice to be alive, especially in a world full of people, a fact I usually don’t take very kindly to. I will document the soundtrack to my writing process too, for your entertainment and some inspiration for music to look for when you’re bored of your own collection. C’mon brain, you can do this. Yes? No? You need some painkillers don’t you? Yeahhhh, that’s what I thought.

[Belus’ Tilbakekomst (Konklusjon)- Burzum]

While I was living in Perth, most of the time I noticed that most bus drivers would acknowledge each other as they drove past. But occasionally I would catch a vigorous wave with a big smile, and that never failed to send a lovely warm feeling through my chest.

[Ferryboat Serenade- The Andrews Sisters]

Today I was in Centrelink, sitting alone at a table filling out myriad forms, face swollen, gums aching, brain stressing, when I heard the voice of a tiny girl behind me say “Let’s go to the other person!”, and suddenly this little brown-haired child was sitting right in front of me, wooden horse in one hand, a gangly, vaguely humanoid type thing with a round head in the other, shyly looking up at me in between small-voiced cute sounds that children make when they’re pretending their toys can talk. “Hello” I said, being careful to hide the side of my face that made me look like Ponyo. “Hello” she said, still being shy, but obviously pleased I had initiated conversation.I carried on filling out my forms, and she carried on taking her toys on great adventures all over the table, subdued little squeals of delight abounding from amongst her soft little curls. We chatted a little, and I discovered she doesn’t name her toys.An experience that pure and sweet does not often happen in a Centrelink office. I smiled for a good while afterwards, even when the messed up crusty punk nearly bowled me over on his way out of the toilet 10 minutes later.

[Lief Lulla- Zoviet France]

I was walking with my good friend down the street on a cold, wet day. Two women in their 60s stepped onto the path diagonally in front of us, and one exclaimed loudly to her companion: “It’s FARKIN cold!” Ever since, this sentence has been an expression between my lovely friend and I.

[Eternal Sphere- Beaches]

I was on a tram, trundling past a park mid afternoon. I was staring out the window the whole stop, a little pissed-off that the aged iPod mini I had been given a week earlier was having battery issues. When the tram stopped, I noticed this fat little kid running by himself across the grass toward the road, spraying a fire extinguisher and laughing his tubby little ass off. He came to a stop about 20 metres from the road, dropped to his knees with the now calm fire extinguisher upright between them. He was staring at the tram, panting, apparently just watching passengers get on and off. It took me too long to remember that I had my camera with me, and as I frantically tried to adjust the lens, the tram started to move off again. What the hell was that kid doing? Where the hell were his parents?

[Blue Skied an’ Clear- Slowdive]

Sitting in a backyard full of green on a the first day the sun has been out for longer than 5 minutes in months, taking photos of the way the sunlight shines through the little white flowers blossoming from a tree, while my friend tries to remember how to play Paranoid Android on his acoustic guitar. Friend’s housemate comes into the garden and quietly starts trimming the overgrown plant life, followed by her faithful fluffy white dog. Friend starts playing Thickfreakness by The Black Keys. Friend’s housemate dances her way around the garden, snipping merrily and side stepping over the dog, oblivious to our chuckles at her track-pant covered butt shaking.

[Flashback Scene- Rollo]

Everyone has these little moments of loveliness, and it’s important to remember them for times when you can’t stand anything and you want to hurt everyone you make eye contact with. I used to write them down, with the intention of including the best ones in films I plan on making one day… I should really start that up again. Hope your collective weeks are better than mine!

[I Can’t Hardly Stand It- The Cramps]