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Our new FREE ENTRY quiz event every Tuesday night at rosemount Hotel – we introduce you to Sheepoll!

The times truely are changing and nobody cares about how much you know anymore, got a question? Ask the internet.

At Sheepoll, we ask the questions that Google can’t answer, like:

Would you rather give up your friends & family or your arms & legs?

Who would win at playing the trumpet while cycling? Lance or Louie Armstrong?

The Sheepoll show is the ‘anti-trivia’ gameshow the pub scene has been waiting for. With no right or wrong answers, Sheepoll socially compares an audience based on their morals and opinions instead. Do you think like a nonconforming Black Sheep or a run-of-the-mill White Sheep? Perhaps you’re a shade of grey between the two. Regardless, coming to The Sheepoll Show is the funnest way to find out.

The experience is powered by an interactive app that connects the audience with each other and the hosts. This creates a conversational flow allowing everybody to contribute to both the show’s content, and the entertainment. Generally, players are quickly absorbed within a whirlwind of witty remarks, ridiculous propaganda and passionate debates amongst friends.

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