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Jay Wol Johnson and the Humble Bees are proud to present the launch of their new single Found a Woman

Found a Woman is the first track that the Humble Bees and Jay Wol Johnson created together. Although they played and practiced a few other songs – Found a Woman is the first track that they are proud to say is a purely collaborative effort.

In the musty undercroft garage of an Old Italian house in Hami Hill, a bunch of drunk guys and a drunk Sarah played instruments until they found the first two chords, from what later became the main riff.

Proudly recorded and mixed by Jay Wol Johnson – Found A Woman is an upbeat groove and a whole bunch of fun to dance to. A smooth funky bass line, ridiculous piano solos and motifs from the pianist, tight as hell drums, solid and soulful backing vocals, some trashy guitar and signature off-kilter yelling or singing. Listen to it and you’ll dance, or maybe just tap your foots together, but you’ll have fun and hear a badly worded story.

We do things better live, because they are alive. Band is good. We have no money; we have fun. But most importantly, we are just trying to be humble"

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Earlier Event: 20 July
Later Event: 21 July