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KLUTE (UK) Read Between The Lines album tour

Inceptive Concepts Presents


Klute (UK) ~ Read Between The Lines album tour


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FRIDAY 5th May @ Babushka
20:00 - 01:00


General admission ~ $ 30.00 +bf
Ticket deal ~ 1x Outlook Festival launch party Feat Skeptical (UK) 
1x Klute ticket
For only ~ $50 .00


/// GET TO KNOW //

Unlike many of his contemporaries, the musical career of Tom Withers began way before the sounds of drum and bass or even hardcore had first emerged. As Tommy Stupid he fronted skate punk outfit The Stupids and took the band on tours of Europe, the USA and Australia during the late 1980s before venturing into electronic music and starting his own solo career. From acid house and techno he made a natural progression into rave and then hardcore before playing his first gigs as a drum and bass DJ around 1996. Throughout his career, he’s always been happy to let his rebel roots show and has never been afraid to buck the trend. His ability to combine a multitude of influences in his music, from techno to thrash to dub, with punk attitude is Klute’s trademark.

Klute’s early forays into jungle brought several outings on the seminal Certificate 18 label and a relationship grew that resulted in the release of his first artist album, ‘Casual Bodies’ in 1998. He went on to release a further album ‘Fear of People’ on Certificate 18 in 2000 before seeking a new home following the demise of the label. Initially fearing that no-one else would want to release his music, at time when the scene seemed to be dominated by sound-alikes and trend followers, Klute went his own way and set up his own imprint.

Klute kicked off Commercial Suicide with the genre-defying classic ‘Tranceformat’ in 2001 and set the tone for the label that has since come to be held in the highest regard. Releases from the likes of Calibre, Digital, Spirit, Hive and Juju raised the label’s profile and helped build a reputation for varied output across the spectrum of drum and bass, testing both musical boundaries and the dancefloor. Klute released his third album ‘Lie Cheat & Steal’ in 2003 including guest remixes from Calibre and Keaton, with ‘No One’s Listen- ing Anymore’ following in 2004. In 2006 Klute showed his faith in two of the scene’s most promising artists, Amit and SKC, by putting out their debut artist albums and has continued to support developing artists with a steady stream of releases from the likes of The Upbeats, Break and Ill Skillz. Klute neatly summed up the ethos behind the label, in an interview for DogsOnAcid in February 2008: “My whole purpose is to organically release music I like for the sake of people who like music; not hype and lies.”

His LP, ‘Music For Prophet,’ is arguably one of Klute’s finest pieces and gives the fullest representation of his sound across a double CD release incorporating a wide span of tempos and moods. Klute crafted an album where every track sounds unique yet all sound unmistakably his own. Combining heart-stopping melodies with deep and deadly beats, the mood moves from melancholic to uplifting in a truly widescreen presentation to appeal a broad base of fans.

After the album, Klute turned his focus to further developing his label into the accomplished and hugely influential innovative force it has become.

“To me drum & bass is a form of music which has always been out on a limb and the tracks that have shocked me are those that have expanded on what went before them, whether that’s people using the technology in ways that you’re not supposed to or just turning around sounds in different ways. As far as I am concerned people taking chances is the future and I would like to think that my material falls into that category.”

Over the last few years Commercial Suicide has released music from the likes of Nymfo, Calibre, Optiv & BTK, Break, Dose, Need For Mirrors, DJ Marky, Skeptical, Mindscape, Prolix, Foreign Concept, S.P.Y, Amit and many, many more.

Klute released his 7th LP in 2013 entitled “The Draft” which featured another quality selection of sounds he can proudly add to his discography. Moving forward, the label will be releasing yet another artist LP in the form of The Invaderz’ “New Found Dialect” towards the end of 2014. 

Read Between The Lines:

Tom Withers fiiiiinally returns with his 8th Klute album entitled Read Between The Lines.

Written in a stone hut on the Shetland Islands over the course of 2016, KLUTE, AKA Tom Withers soon realised he would need more than a bongo and a Ukulele to bring his vision to fruition. 

Plans for a 6 month residency at Air Lyndhurst Studios were placed on hold after he received their quote, so Tom retreated to his own PBJ Studio and - with the help of a revolutionary sub bass simulation pack, a computer and a grant from the Wessington Howarth Foundation for the incompetent- he shat out his 8th full length LP Read Between The Lines.

As is tradition with every Klute album, the music does not stop at Drum & Bass. Klutes love affair with a vast array of influences shine through every note and beat. Elements of Techno, Film Soundtracks, Library, Shoegaze, Experimental Jazz, 60s psychedelia and Ambient soundscapes are scattered across this entire work.

Drumming is at the core of Klutes artistry, having nagged his Mum to buy him a drum set at the age of 12 (she finally relented believing it would be broken and ignored within weeks).
Toms superlative poly rhythms and deeply melancholic melodies are central to this 15 track set. Aided along the way by Stamina MC, Robert Manos & hotly tipped newcomer Naomi Pryor on vocal duties adding to what is already being seen as one of Klutes best albums yet.

My main objective was to make a record that was equally exciting to listen to both loudly and quietly - equal parts physical and mental. 
The title Read Between The Lines is an urging to look beyond the face value, not just in my own music, but with everything you experience in life. This album will grown with you the more you listen and experience it. The surface layers will reveal all manor of underlying textures and feelings. Im immensely proud of this work and I really believe people will enjoy it.