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Tonight sees arguably Perth’s loudest act – doom, drone, post-metal and black metal artists Drowning Horse play our new main room. Here’s what CPN reviewer Lyndon Blue once had to say about them: “Drowning Horse sounded the way a band called Drowning Horse ought to sound. They were a hellish black stallion with a belly full of lead, sinking into a vat of thick, molten, death… and they were very fucking loud. Bowel-splitting doom drones shook the young earth’s crust, Thor-like drumming set avalanches tumbling and aggrieved vocal growls seemed to summon storm clouds overhead; needless to say, Drowning Horse aren’t for the faint of heart, but they should make any aficionado of heaviness giddy with glee. Drowning Horse will bruise you all over. And you will enjoy it.”. They’re joined by Alzabo, Hexx, Abacaxuva, Geoffrey Power King and Oosterbanger.

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Earlier Event: 28 May
Later Event: 28 May