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Beast People single launch May 25 @Babs

Sunshine Punch have been tinkering away at new material and are proud to release a single from their upcoming EP, "Beast People". This will be part 1 of our "2 part weekend/gig/single launch bender extravaganza" so if you're a Northerner like us this is where you wanna lay your metaphorical eggs. 

We'll be realeasing our latest sad-boy, whingecore single with local bad ass mofo's Faceplant AUS, Furball, Bad Friends, Dear Soldier cos damn they are tight. 

Come by and catch some sick bands, tasty bevs and make some new friends. Make sure you invite your mates so you can huddle together, form a clan and claim the venue as your land. 

Entry is $10 at the door and you bet your sweet cinamon buns there'll be dope ass merch there. 
♥ ♥ ♥