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Abbe May 'Like Me Like I Like You' Premiere

ABBE MAY premieres her new single exclusively for her beloved hometown, Fremantle, on April 1 at Mojos.

Like Me Like I Like You, the third single from her forthcoming album, is a dirty pop grind. It's release date is yet to be announced so this will be a particularly special evening with Abbe confesssing "I want to share this song with my hometown first. I would not have had a decade long career without the enduring love and support I receive from Western Australian music lovers."

Abbe May  has assembled a line up of some of Perth's greatest artists! Mathas, Fall Electric and Stella Donnelly have all joined forces with Abbe to give her home town one massive, sexy celebration of music.

"I had initially been playing with disco beats for this song." Abbe says  "But I got sick of it quite quickly and so my producer, Matt Gio, and I started fucking with it until we slowed it all down to the point where it distorted everything and I just felt like we had found something more interesting. To my ear it ended up sounding like Erotica era Madonna on heavy sedatives.. melting in the microwave, I mean, that's what it sounds like to me. It is weird and I found that inspiring. The weirder it gets the sexier it gets for me.”

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