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Both as an artist and a DJ, Marcus Intalex represents the forefront of soulful musical drum & bass. Heading up the legendary Soul:r label, he has worked with artists such as Calibre and

S.P.Y and always sought to release quality music with lasting appeal. Marcus’s DJ sets have earned him a reputation on as a tastemaker, not afraid to test crowds with a fresh high

quality selection on from across the spectrum of drum & bass. A passion for techno runs deeply through his music, demonstrated once again by recent solo tracks such as

‘Airbourne,’ and his four-to-the-floor selection is second-to-none. He represents Soul:ution on with residencies in Manchester and at London’s Fabric plus a radio show for Red Bull

Music Academy. In 2011 Marcus is touring extensively across the globe, including the USA and Australasia to celebrate the release of his debut solo album ‘21’ which features collaborations with Calibre, S.P.Y, Lynx, Fierce and MC DRS.

Marcus’ passion for music was born in his native Manchester, where he experienced firsthandthe energy of the nascent dance music scene as a regular on the dance floor at the legendary Hacienda club. His interest for the music grew as the scene developed and, after landing his first professional DJ gig aged just 17, Marcus went on to work at the infamous

Eastern Bloc record store. From here he established himself on the Manchester scene and

began producing tracks together with fellow Mancunian Mark XTC as Da Intalex, appearing on Flex Recordings.

A chance meeting in the early 90’s, through Flex boss L Double, led to Marcus pairing up with producer and engineer ST Files and gave rise to the partnership we know today as MIST. In 1999, the pair’s ground-breaking release ‘How You Make Me Feel’ on 31 Records

began a new soulful movement in drum & bass at a me when the scene was driven by predominantly dark and aggressive sounds. Following up their success with a series of highprofile

remixes for MJ Cole, Un:Cut, 4 Hero and Solid State, MIST duly established themselves as leaders in the field and, together with Calibre as Mist:ical, turned heads with

their debut LP ‘The Eleventh Hour’ in 2007.

Since 2001 and the set-up of Soul:r label, they’ve released their own music and that of likeminded artsts including Calibre, High Contrast, DJ Marky, dBridge, Alix Perez and Lynx & Kemo. The stable has grown to be amongst the most respected in drum & bass, reflecting

Marcus’ own strong personal belief in innovative music with integrity and a life beyondsolely the dance floor. Sister label Revolve:r provides exposure for more experimental sounds, with Dutch dubstep don Martyn back in the frame for the latest release ‘After

Seven’, in collabora on with Marcus on the imprint where his career began.

In 2008, the DAT Music project has brought together fresh sounds and inspirational sounds from the likes Instra:mental, S.P.Y and Lomax over 2 CD compilations. In May 2009, the debut album from Lynx & Kemo ‘The Raw Truth’ was released to critical acclaim, achieving a nomination on for Best Album at this year’s D&BA Awards and helping to further Soul:r’s

reputation for pushing boundaries in drum & bass.

The highly successful Soul:ution residency at London superclub Fabric continues to go from strength-to- strength, with S.P.Y now added to a core that includes Calibre, Marcus and the

ever-reliable MC DRS. A new residency for Soul:ution on has been established in 2011 at Berlin’s Icon Club, and guest Soul:u on events across the UK have continued to be as popular

as ever, setting the standard for musical variety within the Drum & Bass scene.

Marcus’s Fabric Live 35 mix CD highlighted many of the reasons why, proving that music with lasting appeal and a diverse selection on are among the key ingredients. The Soul:ution

Radio sessions for Red Bull Music Academy give worldwide reach and remain a focal point for the forefront of the drum & bass scene, keeping Marcus Intalex in constant demand as a

DJ across the globe.

Regular appearances for the likes of Metalheadz, Ram and Renegade Hardware have helped Marcus to avoid the obvious tags and pigeonholes like ‘liquid’ and ‘minimal’ and reinforce

his versatility as a DJ. Techno sets have also seen him draw from labels such as Kompakt and Wagon Repair and explore his own roots and influences, whilst bringing something different to the dance floor.

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