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You’re invited to a VINYL PARTY!

Bobby Alu and the Palm Royale are celebrating the release of their new vinyl album, featuring all the favourites from the band’s two albums – Bobby Alu and Take it Slow – and they want you to come and party with them at Mojo’s Bar.

And there will be some vinyl being spun throughout the night, don’t you worry about that!

Award-winning musician Bobby Alu and his charismatic band the Palm Royale have fast become one of the nation’s favourite festival acts, renowned for their signature ‘hammock music’ and high vibes. Themed by Bobby’s Polynesian heritage and born on the East Coast of Australia, the music has a fresh, simple sound powered by ukulele, Pacific beats, catchy songs, tasty four-part harmony and powerful log drumming, with hints of soul and reggae. An esteemed songwriter and ukulele master with a smooth and silky voice, Bobby Alu’s talents don’t stop there: he is also one of Australia’s best drummers, currently touring the world with Xavier Rudd. He’s about to take off for Europe until next summer, so catch him while you can!

” … it’s not very often that music makes you feel so positive about yourself these days, but Alu does a fantastic job of making you smile and high-five yourself.”   Blank GC EP review

Doors 8pm | Tickets $15+bf

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Earlier Event: 9 March
Later Event: 10 March