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It’s time to get sad and stay rad! Crywank are now coming down to Australia for their debut tour outside Europe.

With a folk-punk influenced style, this duo captures angst and self loathing with insightful and original lyricism and expresses it with highly emotive use of sound.

Formed the same day songwriter James Clayton learnt their first chord, Crywank have developed over the years from being an underground outsider folk act, to an acoustic punk band with a cult following. Initially a cathartic solo project, they’re now a two-piece band that lyrically fluctuate between self-aware and self-parodying whilst having an overarching focus on sadness and mental health. Percussionist Dan Watson joined Crywank by their third album ‘Tomorrow is Nearly Yesterday and Everyday is Stupid’ which has accumulated over five million streams since it’s ‘name-your-price’ release three years ago and has amassed over 1000 cover songs and remixes.

Based in Manchester, England, Crywank have been booking and promoting DIY shows and tourmasts for themselves and other bands for several years around the UK and Europe. Their fifth album is to be released in late 2017. Plus supporting on the night comes from jangle poppers Catwalk.

“The perfect culmination of acoustic, anti-folk-emo, admirable excellence” – Muteprint

“Masterful cynical lyricism and simple yet soothling instrumentals” – Blink Clyro

“Emotionally exhuasting expressions are penned in poetic fashion by James Clayton, who delivers them with apropos gloominess” – Houston Press


Earlier Event: 26 November