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Maggie's Musings

Serbia | Maggie's Happy Accident

Andrew Ryan



I’ve just spent (half) the day in Serbia, which is what I am calling my happy accident. An accident because I didn’t realize when I booked a “cheap” flight, that the 2nd of 3 flights would include a 19 hour stop over at Belgrade airport. (The entire transit spans over 3 days, but tbh I don’t wanna talk about it right now.) I’m not complaing! The colours here are amazing, the people move slowly and there’s a lotttttttt of cute dogs.

This is my first Euro experience of what is to be an almost 3 month long adventure time within this snazzy and talked up continent. I’m sure (as I have been reassured by everyone) that I’m gonna have a freaking amazing time. Obviously! But I have to admit I felt a little bit sad before leaving. There’s quite a few things about Perth that I’ll miss; perhaps I can seek them out over here?

Mojo’s Bar: Number 1 and for good reason. Gritty, down to earth, full of friends. I don’t know if I’ll find a spot over here with such good musical talent, nor which such a high level of friendly faces per square meter, but there’s a shit load over Fremantle people in Europe at the moment too – so maybe I’ll be right?

RTRFM: What is the European equivalent of community radio? I suppose I’ll have to immerse myself in the communities to find out…But even then, I doubt anywhere over here has a Brekky with Caitlin, or a Friday mix with Rok Riley.

Warehouse raves: Alright, I’m pretty confident I’ll find these. But maybe they will be TOO big? What if the rave never stops? I’ll probably miss my flight home.

Satchmo’s Salmon bagels: Where did these bagel originate? Where is the OG Satchmo? I’m gonna crave these things till I return, unless I find something identical.

Frikkin insane musical talent: OK, so I’m sure there will be a LOT of creativity, a lot of talent, a lot of expression blah blah etc etc – but if anything can top the last few gig’s I went to in Perth – particularly Frayea’s band launch with New Nausea, Raccoo, Fox Scully and Freya, (beaut review of that show writtern here) – then I think I’ll have to move here permanently.

I just asked my waiter how to say thank you (I should have learned earlier in the day, but my privilege as a white English speaking gorl means I’ve just been flailing about everywhere speaking my native tounge);  “Vala” she says.

Vala Serbia! Looking forward to more happy accidents.