Selected and presented by Lyndon Blue & Amber Fresh

A few weeks ago Amber and I were at the Bird and we were talking about music awards (I think the WAM festival was happening) and we threw the idea of a “Cool Perth Nights awards” into the air and pondered it. Because, while we may not wholeheartedly endorse the competitive sport-ification of creativity, we certainly think those who excel should be acknowledged. There are many ways to excel, and some tend to be officially honoured less than others. With that inequity in mind, as well as the beaming and overwhelming memory of the immense year that’s been, here are our official selections. Please write your objections and complaints on the back of a box of nougat and post to CPN headquarters.


Best dj/comedy combo in a casual dj: Jefferson/Brett Murray

Best commuting solo artist: Nick Allbrook/Peter Bibby

Best festival/event/gig compere: Tristan Fidler (doogs, dugong
derby, magnolias)

Best Moustache: Mike Litton (Cow Parade Cow)

Worst Moustache: Mike Litton (Cow Parade Cow)

Best hairstyle on Kucka: Casual, shoulder length, blonde

Best hair on an electronic male (non-robot): George Capelas

Best use of legionnaire cap: Eleventeen Eston/Hugo Gerani

Best use of vacuum cleaner in a solo performance in front of parents at the bird: Benjamin Witt


Band most likely to succeed because of being great: Tame Impalalala (retroactive prediction)

Best band most likely not to succeed because of being too great: Amber: Mental Powers? Lyndon you pick. Lyndon: Yeah, Mental Powers, and The Intenso Band and Race To Your Face and Drowning Horse and others.

Band least likely to succeed but might just succeed: Electric Toad

Best ultra-elusive group: Cosmo Gets

Best band name not yet used by a band but talked about a lot: Textile Traders

Band most likely to move to melbourne next: Water Graves

Best band named after a city: perth

Best band named after a bird: Mudlark

Most adept under the influence: HAMJAM


Best festival vibes: Camp Doogs

Best festival snacks: Comida du Sol

Best multi-venue pilgrimage: Slanted & Enchanted (Lyndon was the only pilgrim)

Best events company collab: Good Company + {MOVE} (“The Greater Good”), woah


Single most likely to positively influence the nation: Mathas feat. Abbe May, ‘Nourishment’

Most underrated release: Mei Saraswati, ‘Jungle Backyard’

Most-hammered bandcamp repeat button: Golden String, ‘Silk Carapace’

Best blissout number: Craig McElhinney, ‘Divorce Bliss’

Most undeniable boogie-factor: Savoir, ‘Zinli Rhythm’

Best album cover: Ermine Coat, ‘Parking Lots’ (Moody seascape, self-portrait, party hat, smirnoff bottle, goon bag).

Merry Chrimbo – see you all next year!