6006 Feature | North Perth chats with Spacey Jane

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With North Perth Local's 6006 In The Park at Woodville Reserve just around the corner, we thought we'd have a chat with some of the incredible musicians playing the event. It's not often you get to see a line-up like this for free. We touched base with up-and-comers Spacey Jane to chat about their North Perth experiences, music, and pizza toppings.

To get things started - what’s the Spacey Jane origin story? You formed about a year and a half ago, was there a inspired moment of ‘this is a fantastic idea’? Or was it more of a natural progression?

Kieran and I have been playing for a few years now and we’d been looking for people to play with around Perth but being new to the city made that a bit tricky. When Ashton and Meils came along it wasn’t a big magic moment or anything, I think we were all a bit self-conscious, we whipped out Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon covers. It was all a bit awkward but it evolved pretty quickly, certainly a natural progression.

If your sound was a pizza – what would be the toppings (edible toppings are preferable).

Fruit salad and carbonara. It wouldn’t be much of a pizza.

Songwriting break down. Do lyrics or riffs come first? Do you have a main songwriter or is it a collaborative effort?

I (caleb) usually bring the band most of a song and we work at it together and everyone’s parts come together over a couple weeks. Sometimes I write riffs or Meils and I share a riff for a song, it’s pretty fluid, we haven’t really locked into a formula just yet.

You launched your debut EP No Way To Treat An Animal in November last year. Are you still basking in the wonderful achievement? And what have the roll-on effects of the release been?

Yea its been super nice to have a body of work to put our name on, it’s the result of lots of work for us so we feel a little chuffed with it. It feels like we solidified a bunch of great fans, its amazing having full rooms singing along to our songs. There’s a few other exciting things rolling out from it but that’s a secret for now…

I’ve wrangled you in because you’re playing North Perth Local’s 6006 In The Park event next weekend celebrating the local community. To get thing started - what’s the weirdest night you’ve had out in North Perth (keep it PG – this is a family event).

Living in freo makes it pretty uneconomical for me to get up here very often, one of last times I had a big night up there I fell asleep on the train home and woke up back in the city with bunch of concerned suits looking at me. Had work in an hour so I spent 50 on a taxi (questionable) and my driver was a retired priest who helped me sort out my life choices for our 30mins together.

You’ve won $500 on a scratchie and are spending the day in North Perth. What do you do? Where do you spend it? What do you buy?

This is tough one seeing as we don’t have a firm grasp on North Perth geography but a good friend of ours shared this from his memo.

“…bought a hot chicken and some wonder white bread from coles and spent the day fighting Ibis in Hyde park”- Nath Lewis.

You can see Spacey Jane alongside Tired Lion, Rick Stelle and Felicity Groom at the 6006 In The Park event held at Woodville Reserve in North Perth on January 28, kicking off at 4pm.

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Andrew Ryan