The Victims This August

Before they played with Hoodoo Gurus Dave Faukner and James Baker started a punk band that's never stopped playing shows. The Victims are as vital as ever, maybe even more with Ray Ahn from the Hard-Ons, throbbing on bass.

The Peep Tempel are every tasteful and decent man and woman's answer to proper rock in the vein of Eddy Current Suppression Ring et al. Siik band. Siik songs.

And, Peter Bibby's songs have been in our hearts for a few years now, but his new three piece band PB's Dog Act douse those songs with quick fastening sonic glue; you have GOT to get in front of this new band who are magnanimously blasting out tunes from the new forthcoming album.

All three bands play 1 exclusive show together in Freo and 1 in Perth.

The Victims
The Peep Tempel
Peter Bibby's Dog Act

Friday August 11 Rosemount
Saturday August 12 Mojo's Bar

Tickets firing out here:

Andrew Ryan