Somewhere Over The Babe Rainbow | Interview with Angus Dowling of The Babe Rainbow

As soon as the needle settles into the bright orange grooves of The Babe Rainbow's debut record, a tingle of fresh air seems to hit your skin. Laptop speakers and increasingly condensed I-Phone head phones never really do it justice. Their jangling, psychedelic tunes colored with gliding bass lines and melodic vocals fuse our modern day experience into the free lovin', grass roots spirit of the 60s and 70s green change movement. Your soul remains satiated long after the record ends.

We were lucky enough to take a few minutes of drummer and vocalist, Angus Dowling time to have a quick chat.

Can you tell us a bit about how you all met and came together as The Babe Rainbow? The origin story?

In the Dreamtime, all Earth lay sleeping. Nothing moved. Nothing grew. One day the babe rainbow came out from under the ground to make love (forever).

This is your debut album after the release of your much loved (and sold out) EP. What was the recording experience like? How did this filter in to your lives outside of the band?

The EP was very much our life in performance and a reflection of us as young people and members of the young people's society of music for chameleons. We went to Paris in the summer of 16' and met a young venezuelan who taught us so much about love and folk songs and electronic sound. The new record is Phase 2 : Jungle Music. It's travelling music, and music made while travelling through music as a stratosphere. We've just finished our second full length album called 'Double Rainbow' it will be out soon too. Our lives filter into the recording process more than the vice versa I think.

The video clip for Peace Blossom Boogy released in April is such a visually beautiful showcase of freedom, landscape and love with a real 60s/70s nostalgia vibe (including an amazing dog of course!). How did the concept come together? And what was the process for filming?

The process for filming that video and any video we've ever made or maybe will ever make is totally immediate and the creation of a completely heavy New Zealand friend of ours named Kristofski (thats Masedonian for Equinox). He carries his camera around often and usually films these clips without the general consent of the collective and more because he just knows what he's doing at the time than the round table pool of ideas we might have in mind. I'd like to make a video with him in a hot air balloon. I think it would be lovely, though.

The album artwork and vinyl design for both your EP and new album is incredible. Was there any particular inspiration? How does the artwork play into the music? 

Thank you! The first EP art cover was a hilarious accident inside photoshop with a simple watercolor thing a librarian named Elliot painted for us. The second one the LP cover was inspired by the work of Bridget Rilley foremost, whom we love and admire, and is our version of the 'babe rainbow' herself, a woman bending with her curves inside the curves of a bent rainbow (us). I've been thinking about the next cover lots, I think it's going to be a photo. I think we're finally ready.

You’re about to embark on a truly epic International Tour for the album. Any secrets to handling the hectic tour schedule?

It is hectic. Drink plenty of water I guess, stay hydrated, stay cool. We only eat superfood, that's a joke. 

Are there any surfing breaks over west you’re looking forward to checking out while you’re here?

Yes please you will find us at the city beach superbank. We're coming early to go to Margaret River on Thursday actually we're really exited we've heard big things. It's different without frogs or crocodiles. Thank-you (in a pleasant way).

Having sold out their shows at Babushka on Friday July 28, and Clancy's on Friday July 29, you can pre-order a vinyl copy of their debut record The Babe Rainbow at their website. Digital downloads of their EP are available via their Bandcamp page.

Andrew Ryan