RTRFM have teamed up with Fremantle Story to bring you the next series of The View From Here, RTRFM’s long running video series highlighting local bands in unique and special locations.

For this series RTRFM heads to the port city to showcase the amazing spaces in and around Fremantle with some of Perth’s favourite musicians.

We join Thee Loose Hounds deep in the bowels of Fremantle as they take up position in the Whalers Tunnel, Bathers Beach Art Precinct, Fremantle.

Thee Loose Hounds, consisting of Graeme Duffy (Drums), Matty Rodrigues (Guitar), Reuben
(Guitar, Vocals) roll through fifteen minutes of relentless rock n’ roll, blasting down High Street.

They roll through six songs – My Brain Doesn’t Work, Diggin’, Psychodelic Music, Fried Pickles and Mayonaise, WRAY GUN (!) and Scabs – in an onslaught of the senses. Reverb and fuzz reverberating through the tunnel and into the world of Fremantle. Rueben’s vocals soar and fall in a haze of distortion.

As quickly as it starts it is over, returning the Whaling Tunnel to its once serene self, a walk way to Bathers Beach and a landmark of Fremantle.

The View From Here will cover a variety of genres, showcasing the wellspring of talent in Western Australia’s music scene. The performances themselves will also take place in a variety of unique Fremantle locations, to be revealed as the series progresses.

Watch The View From Here, Episode Twenty: Thee Loose Hounds in its entirety now, via

Andrew Ryan