Snapshot of the Literary Youth Festival with Steven Finch

Photography by  Tasha Faye

Photography by Tasha Faye

Can you tell us a little about the origin of the Literary Youth Festival?

The Literary Youth Festival (LYF) emerged out of a conversation with the members of the National Youth Week Planning Committee and Propel Youth Arts WA. In planning the KickstART 2017 festival, some of the committee members felt that there was need for a literary festival for young people. A subcommittee was formed, and I, as the Project Officer for National Youth Week provided guidance and direction for LYF. This is a pretty admin-heavy start, but really, a literary youth festival in WA is something that was inevitable and necessary. Literature is necessary and alive.

Literary Youth Festival Do-directors - Maddie Godfrey, Karen Murphy

Secretary - Caroline Stafford

Committee members - Laurent Shervington, Katie Bennett, Katie McAllister, Kayla McGillivray

This will be the first book launched by the LYF - how did it come about in terms of selecting writers and artists to contribute?

The committee was responsible for the selection of the artists and writers in the book, which happened pretty organically. Each person in the LYF book are either artists that were in the festival or people that attended, and then submitted works.

The LYF book is a snapshot of the festival that was, including transcriptions from some of the speeches and discussions that happened at festival events, as well as artwork and creative writing from the people that were there.

How can young writers get involved?

The Literary Youth Festival has finished for 2017, but will continue in the future. We will be selling the LYF 2017 book to raise funds for next years festival. Contact the Literary Youth Festival facebook page or email if you'd like to get involved in the future.

Andrew Ryan