Stella Donnelly's Thrush Metal

Stella Donnelly is yet another freakishly talented person from the W.A music scene. She has the chops and the ‘tude. CPN have been given the privilege of exclusively sharing her latest EP Thrush Metal. Company head honcho Andrew had a tiny chat about the new EP, the scene and Stella’s launch.

Andrew: Mechanical Bull feels tough and isolated. How do you feel about those words and what are few additional words that describe your enjoyment/ catharticism that comes with sharing this song with others?

Stella: Yeah this song definitely touches on the experience of feeling isolated in a relationship and also working in a bar and serving men that physically and verbally treat you like piece of shit. I was scared to show this really angry side of myself to people but it feels good now that I've done it.

Andrew: Aside from this do you enjoy the music community in Perth AND who are some artists your really relate with – off top of your head?

Stella: The music community in Perth is great and getting greater. There is more awareness now around diversity, safety and acceptance and because of this I love going to shows! 

Some Perth artists that I relate to and/or enjoy the music of at the moment are Lifestyle, Foam, Oosterbanger, Heathcote Blue, Lana, Terrible Signal, Tanaya Harper and New Nausea.

Andrew: When and where and with whom are you launching this EP?

Stella: The launch for this is going to be at the Bird on Thursday the 6th of April, with Shit Narnia, Lewis O'Donnell and BOAT SHOW.

Listen to Stella Donnelly's new EP Thrush Metal below!

Andrew Ryan