Cool Perth Nights | A Year In Review | Tash Sultana Home Coming Tour

What a year for music culture! Aside from Cool Perth Nights owned and operated Mojo’s Bar picking up the publicly voted WAM award for best venue, and Cool Perth Nights programmed and marketed venue Rosemount picking up best live entertainment venue award, 2017 saw many glass ceilings righteously smashed by femme activists and artists. 

The gender playing field is still out of whack – and there’s still a lot of work to be done - but in the same breath, 2017 has been a year of celebration and consolidation for all the hard work and progress achieved.

In keeping with this, Cool Perth Night’s produced and promoted our biggest shows to date with the one woman band world beater – Tash Sultana – selling out her Fremantle Arts Centre performances, with close to 7000 music lovers attending to share in this incredible experience.

We have additional large scale events in the works for 2018 and 2019 – and at the same time, are continuing to champion Under 18 artists with our Sweet Oblivion programming at the YMCA space HQ. Mojo Rising is slated to continue through 2018 sharing the love at both Mojo’s Bar, and a selection of other performance spaces.

Eternal respects and congrats to Carla Geneve, one of the brightest stars we’ve been privileged to see at such an early stage of their career and no doubt the beginning of a long and prosperous journey in music and performance.

And with that we leave you with this incredible video filmed and produced by our new and very talented friend - Jacob Crawford – featuring Tash Sultana performing at Fremantle Arts Centre.

Andrew Ryan