5 Minutes With Gooch Palms

CPN: Hey you guys, thanks for being interviewed <(")

Guess what, rn I'm in the bed I grew up in as a teenager and girl at my parents place on the coast of WA. The carpet next to me is where I listened over and over to tape recordings from the radio of "Tomorrow" [Silverchair]. Nice cover you made of it. The cover sounded like you had a deep experience of that song as teenagers too… Is it true? You were pretty little when it came out though… I was in yr 8… The way you sung it, Leroy, sounded like you'd listened to it young. Is it true? Why did you cover that song, part from the general Newcastle connection?

Gooch Palms: Thanks!! I was about 7 or 8 years old when the song came out and it was so crazy to see a band from our hometown blow the fuck up. I lived across the road from Ben, the drummer, so I got to soak it right up with my own eyes. There would always be teenage girls hanging out side his house, and I thought to myself, that's the life I want hahaha!! 

What did you listen to over and over on the carpet/floorboards/lino?

Silverchair, Pearl Jam and Presidents Of The United States Of America

When you guys played here (Perth) one time it was in the famous house/venue 208s. What did you think about that place? I loved that you guys seemed like really nice, loving, kind people as well as being confident in stage-way, little whitebait willy out, lipsticks etc. Is it possible to connect to ppl watching as well when it's festivally shows? Or dark house show where people can get flicked with your sweaty hair, is that deeper/different?

I loved 208! We played there twice and both times was super rad. As long as there are smiling faces in the crowd, we don’t mind where we play! I find it easy to connect with people, it’s all about breaking down that barrier and just having a lot of fun!!

Um, you moved away. LA seems like a good place for you, where it would be easy for people to like and understand what you're doing. Do you feel home there? What's your favourite thing about your new life?

Newcastle will always be home but LA has definitely found a place in our hearts! We have super rad housemates, which makes it easy and we have a lot of friends there now. I think we really like it because it’s a mecca for musicians and weirdos. There are shows happening 7 days a week! So, it was easy to fall in love with the city!

Back to "Tomorrow" soz, but I was very taken with it. Was it strange to record that deeply coastal Australian bleach dipped song in the U.S.? or did your producer/engineer get it?

We had been playing it live for a little bit and noticed people really loved it so we thought we would record it and put it out for the up coming tour.

Our tour support in Europe was Unkle Funkle and he has a little home studio out in LA and we had a week off before coming back to Aus, so we thought we would just nut it out. He totally got what we were doing, so it was fun.

Do you have feelings about how Australia and America are going spirit/politics wise atm? u scared? excited for when we're cyborgs/ecoborgs and just deal with the challenges we've created? scared of nu-nazi ideas seeping into mainstream?

I feel like Malcom Turnbull is just as bad as Trump, if not worse!! I don’t get too deep into the politics thing, so I might just skip over it hahaha!!

I went to LA, liked the tacos and how people didn't smoke cigs after/during gigs much. Have you been to the big gallery on the hill or do you go to the little ones?

Tacos are off the chain in LA! I sometimes I miss the amazing food in LA!! People don’t have time to smoke cigs because it takes away from their valuable weed smoking time!! Everyone is super stoned and chilled out there haha!! I’ve only been to maybe three galleries my whole life, my attention span is too short for art I get bored very quickly in quiet rooms, hence why I left school in year 10!!

You guys remind me of friends Shannon and The Clams. Colour. Straight forward presentation of sounds (drums, guitars, amps, less pedal wazzling etc). certain aesthetic which seems independent in the sense of "we do what we want" but also connected to fashions of this time. Is there a group, spread across the globe or otherwise, you feel part of atm?

Shannon, Cody and Nate from Shannon And The Clams are mates of ours. They are the best!!! We have always been drawn to fashion; we never wanted to be a rock band that looks like a rock band. We like to meld all different eras of music and fashion into what we do. Since doing Violent Soho’s WACO tour with DZ and Dunies, we definitely feel apart of that group now. And we can’t wait to do The Dune Rats album tour with Skegss.

Which famous person's passing in the famous passing year of 2016 most affected you guys?

There was too many to name one or two it was a hard year!

Do you guys feel like you still have to justify your "simple" band set up, or do you feel fully confident now with more and more shows and fans that you can play two drums, a guitar, sing, and it's 100% enough to have power and make something amazing? 

We've never felt we had to justify it. But now more people know about us, so I think they know what they're getting, which is nice. We have had our fair share of bass players saying, "if you guys ever need a bass player…” hahahaha the funny thing is I was a bass player before I ever played guitar!!

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