Local duo Mosquito Coast are lining up shows around the country. We asked them some big and little questions as they get to it. 

Amber: Hello you lovely guys. In your words, "I wish you'd say it like it is. not dance around all my questions. I need an answer from you now." :) That's an easy way to get started for a lil interview… So:

I was listening to your song "Let's Be Friends". With everything going on in the news I couldn't help thinking about the lyrics in relation to kids around Australia who are having a really hard time… "Hey kid, how do you feel about the end? Looking after yourself since age 10" etc. I assume the song's not political at all, but as young Aussies and citizens of the world, how do you feel about kids at age 10 being in prison, kids having a hard time in many ways? Do you think about these things much? Or try to just enjoy life in another way?

Conor: The situation Australia has at the moment with kids being incarcerated is really shit, especially for indigenous kids. The other aspect of 10 year olds being locked up is on Manus Island which is heartbreaking. [Ed. This happens to local 10 year olds too.] The line scared me for a bit because I didn’t want people thinking that we thought we had experienced a rough childhood because we both had it pretty good, but it’s really cool that it’s now being interpreted in other ways which are relevant at the moment. 

Also, I feel like this song would sound great at half and double speed… Are you going to release music on vinyl so we can see if that's true?

Hopefully it makes it onto a record at some point, that would be really cool! I always love playing around with records’ speeds, especially Beach House’s!

For some reason I feel like you're from Freo, is it true? 

Neither of us are from Freo! We are a bit out of the loop in that sense.  

I was so relieved when "Mosquito Coast" wasn't the name of this Harrison Ford movie I watched that was literally one of the worst movies of all time - "Six Days, Seven Nights". Someone gave it some stars on IMDB but don't believe them! But luckily I found the actual Harrison Ford movie you guys are referring to. I only watched the trailer but I'm already a fan. "I'm gonna knock his socks off, I'm going to straighten his hair". "I'm happy! We're free!". So good. Peter Weir is a great director too. So how did you guys come across this classic film that's become your name? And what does it have to do with your music? 
Naomi is a giant film buff and went through a phase of cult movies, Mosquito Coast being one of them. It was the first band name suggestion that we both could agree on, so we kept it! The movie has some great ideas in it, but they haven’t influenced any songs… yet. 

p.s. There's another band named after a Peter Weir film in Perth - The Cars That Ate Paris. Comment? 

We didn’t know that, that’s so cool! We will definitely have to have a Peter Weir Band Night. 

You guys weren't around in the sixties/seventies/eighties/ninties, but do you really love these times musically and asthetically? They all seem to come through in your sound and references in different ways.   

Thanks, having you say that is such a compliment! We both love different aspects of different eras, like Naomi went through a huge 90s grunge stage as well as a 60s blues phase, whereas I’m really into 80s new wave. Because we both don’t listen to the same stuff it leaves us with a weird mix. 

Have you guys come across any surprising fans at shows/on the interwebs? 

The guys from Boo Seeka stand out as one. When we were announced as locals playing GTM they messaged us saying how excited they were to see us, which was so lovely and also nerve-racking because we are big fans of them! 

When I was growing up in Albany, Triple J arriving was a very big deal. We convinced the bus driver to 'keep it locked', I stopped bringing Rolling Stones and Nirvana tapes onto the bus, etc. So, for public listening as underagers - for Aussie music - we mainly just had Triple J and Rage. Then a year nine girl in Denmark started booking Perth bands to come down and play. We had a few bands coming from Perth doing all ages shows - did you guys have exposure to local independent live music, or did you just guess how/what you wanted to play, and what it might be like to be performing musicians? 

Since we were both about 14, we would drag our parents to any gig we could possibly get into that was happening. We used to always be down at Mojos seeing Dream Rimmy, Custom Royal, Gunns, Koi Child etc. who have all had a huge influence on us. Seeing them and later on, meeting them, has helped us so much in figuring out how to make good music and an exciting live show. 

What do you hope will happen on the tours you have coming up? 

People rock up to our shows and that our manager gets drunk and dj’s for us. Ooooh and to see lots of bands at Bigsound!

Are you guys hoping to keep making music or is it just for fun, for now? 

I don’t think we are planning on stopping anytime soon, we are having too much fun! 

What are some favourite local bands or further afield bands you love atm? 

From Perth we love Gunns, Dream Rimmy, Henry Kissinger. Looking further, I’m in love with Rainbow Chan at the moment <3 

What do you wish we would have asked you also in this interview?

Dunno, these have been pretty fun questions! 

Thanks you babes. Good luck and go forth and prosper etc!