CPN chats with Old Blood

Perth blues royalty Old Blood created waves of buzz after their electric sold out show at Rosemount Hotel. We chatted to the them about the album launch and their next plans for musical domination. 
Image via Curbside Photography

Image via Curbside Photography

LISTEN TO Old Blood's debut album "LIVE AT RADA" here: https://old-blood-blues.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-rada

 You guys put on an absolutely magical show at the Rosemount hotel for your album launch. What was a highlight of that night?

It's pretty hard to answer that question, to pick just one magical moment. To be able to play and finally launch what we’ve been working on was amazing, not just to play another gig together but playing with the supports like Southern River, Luke Dux and POW.. some of those guys are our good friends so it was great to share the experience. Most magical part being the crowd topping it off, having 600 people turn up to a local bands debut record launch has left us all feeling pretty humbled and grateful.

How did it feel to pack out the Rosemount? 600 + punters is a hell of a lot!

It was an absolute rush to play in front of so many people. The energy of the crowd really got us all pretty high! Good vibes all round.

Can you compare this show to some of Old Blood earliest gigs? What’s changed?

We have had a few changes to the lineup since the early days. We had an 8 piece band for the launch including guest members.. Phil Stroud (percussion), Ofa Fotu (Vocals) and Gordan Cant (Keys). We used to play more of a trad blues style back in the day.. We have taken a turn in writing songs outside of the standard blues format.

What WA acts are on Old Blood’s radar at the moment?

Ben Witt, Mei Seraswati, Grace Barbe and The Durongs of course

You’ve finally released a very very special album! Why the wait? How was the recording process?

We always wanted to record the first one live..All of our favourite albums were recorded that way. I guess we waiting until we had all the right people together and the right sound before we went ahead and gave it to the world.

What’s up next for Old Blood?

We are currently taking a short break to try and write the next release. The next gig is early September at Jack Rabbit Slims with the goddess of groove Grace Barbe. We are also in the works of doing a short tour over East which is pretty exciting. 


Image via Curbside Photography


Puchase Old Blood's debut album "LIVE AT RADA" here:  https://old-blood-blues.bandcamp.com/

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