CPN chats with Koi Child

Koi Child are coming to groove at Mojo’s Bar this August. Ahead of their show, we caught up for a tiny chat about what’s happening in their world.

Image via Koi Child's facebook  

What are you favourite gig memories at Mojos Bar?

We had an incredible time supporting Kirin J. Callinan a while back, but there are too many to count! The NYE parties are particularly memorable. Mojos is like a second home and many of us played our first gigs there.

What is your strangest/most precious/ Mojos Bar experience?

Well we've been filming our upcoming music video at Mojos, transforming it into a set with a crowd of our friends on a Monday afternoon was pretty strange. I would say strange and precious aptly describe it

Who are your favourite acts in Perth at the moment?

Old Blood have just released their first record and played phenomenally at their launch. Hyclass, Mathas and Mei Saraswati are all great live acts and deserve all the recognition they can get. I saw Bison Lowlegs for the first time at Hidden Treasures and hope to see more of them in future.

Your Mojo's shows are a part of a very special Aussie tour. What other exciting things are in the pipeline for Koi Child?

We're touring the last single of our album, Touch Em, it's one of the first songs we ever wrote as Koi Child, born out of the jam that Slow One came from. So in a way it ties the album off where it started.. That's just my opinion anyway. We're playing a festival called Volumes in Oxford Square which we're really looking forward to, then a headline show at Howler in Melbourne. It's a short tour this time around but we're eager to get bigger and better things brewing at this point anyway.

7 band members is quite a lot! How do you balance band commitments with everyone’s individual projects? Is it becoming more or less challenging as Koi Child’s profile grows?

There is a degree of sacrifice of our personal freedom in keeping this band going. That's what I feel, we're bound to our projects in a sese. Blake's also in Hideous Sun Demon and somehow we make it work with both bands touring, there's never been any animosity. We love what they do. It's hard to say, though, whether the challenge will continue to mount. Kashikoi and Child’s Play still play shows occasionally, including on Koi Child tours. I hope our projects continue and retain their own identity.


Tix are still available to Koi Childs' Saturday August 20 and Sunday August 21 shows via the CPN ticketing page :)

Andrew Ryan