KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD - New Album & Gizzfest Deets!

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard has unveiled the video for its new single 'Rattlesnake'. Watch + share it via the image below.

'Rattlesnake' is the first track available from Flying Microtonal Banana, the band’s first LP of 2017 to be released on Friday 24th February via Flightless / Remote Control Records. The Melbourne-based band plan to release five studio albums in 2017, an ambitious feat as each record will be its own unique sonic adventure.

Flying Microtonal Banana is King Gizzard’s first-ever experience in microtonal tuning, which features intervals smaller than a semitone and not found in customary Western tuning octaves. Pre-order via http://flightlessrecords.com

“Earlier this year we started experimenting with a custom microtonal guitar our friend Zak made for Stu,” explains drummer Eric Moore. “The guitar was modified to play in 24-TET tuning and could only be played with other microtonal instruments. We ended up giving everyone a budget of $200 to buy instruments and turn them microtonal. The record features the modified electric guitars, basses, keyboards and harmonica as well as a turkish horn called a Zurna."

NPR Music called latest album Nonagon Infinity “not only the band's most explosively ambitious work; it's also a thoroughly realized journey, embedded in a frenzied barrage of riff-heavy head-bangers.”

The band also recently released their Bootleg Holiday From Hell documentary, which chronicles seven international tours over two years in two hours.
Watch it here.

Little did they know that was only the beginning. King Gizzard @ The Lizard Wizard - 'Rattlesnake' (Official Video)

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