The Tonight Show Starring Abbe May (and more!)

Abbe May is churning out the hits backstage for new album Bitchcraft - but this coming Monday night front-of-stage she uses the mic for talky-talk rather than rock and roll. The Lobe asked darling guests-to-be Caitlin Nienaber and Timothy Nelson what they're excited about for The Tonight Show show. 

From the lovely Caitlin Nienaber, breakfast host of RTRfm:

The best thing about Abbe May is...

Too many things to list here! Abbe is the perfect combination of rock star swagger, modesty and generosity. She’s totally hilarious too.

Some advice from one interviewer to another interviewer...

Just do a bit of research, write a couple of things down and have a chat!

What's your #1 talk show - live or tv, why?

Number 1 would have to be pretty much any Nienaber family dinner - the food is good and the jokes are totally filthy. The second would have to be (if i may say so) Breakfast with me on RTRFM. I get to pick all the guests and all the music while I sit around drinking cups of tea - what a job!

What do you hope Abbe will ask you about?

Ooooh - I’m just hoping she just lets me talk about other people rather than myself! She’s asked me to share my top 3 local musicians of the year and I’m still struggling to narrow it down...

Hot tips for other Freo Festival events?

Definitely RTRFM’s Heavenly Bodies at St John’s Church on the first Friday night: Sam Maher with his handpan, Sean O’Neill, Felicity Groom, Rachael Dease and the WAAPA Gospel Choir - it’s going to be pretty special.

Don't-mention-the-halo Timothy Nelson tells us:

The best thing about Abbe May is...

When I first starting out playing shows, she gave me some great advice over MySpace (R.I.P.) - she gives endless support to other artists and tall poppy syndrome seems to be non-existent in her.

Some advice from one performer to another performer to make show night special...

Not-mumbling is about 70% of the job. Other than that, just try and read the room and do your best to entertain folks with whatever your 'thing' is.

What's your #1 talk show - live or tv, why?

Real Time with Bill Maher... he always has interesting guests on his show and you can get a good fix of US politics all in one hit. I'm expecting Abbe to be a far nicer host though.

What do you hope Abbe will/won't ask you about?

I have great respect for anyone that can focus on something other than my hair.

Hot tips for other Freo Festival events?

My own album launch is on Saturday Nov 5th at the Fremantle Arts Centre.