Peace & Love: CPN chats with LGBTQI+ Icon Heather Peace

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Heather Peace knows her shit. In a career that spans over 2 decades in industries from theatre, music, radio and activism, her work as an artist and mentor has been revolutionary. She chats with Maggie from CPN about Perth sunshine, damaging postal survey's and her vision for the future. 

You’ve been active in the industry for a while; multiple industries that is! Do you feel you’ve found the right “place” for you to exist as a creative?

I’ve been a professional actor for over 20 years now but always been a musician too. The two go hand in hand. One allows me to follow the other. The music has been a great asset to me and my family, meaning I can work from home so much more than if I was acting. The last four years have been about family. My wife, Ellie, had our first daughter, Annie, three years ago and I gave birth to our twins Jessie and Lola just 9 months ago. It’s so amazing to have the option, working for myself as an artist, to say when and where and how. My creative space is much less as you can imagine but I’m finding time now to write again and coming out to Australia has played a big part in helping me shape how I can balance my work and family life.

I’m also presenting a radio show in the UK for DIVA Magazine and am their music editor too. This helps me keep in the loop with what’s going on in music. 

What did the 4 year “break” from music do to your sound?

I haven’t had a four year break from music. I’ve not really stopped at any point. I even toured the UK whilst I was 6 months pregnant! My EP “Come Home”was released in 2016 and was indeed quite a different sound from “The Thin Line”. I’d learnt an awful lot about production so was no longer just writing on piano or guitar but building ideas of the final sound myself. It’s more electronic, sometimes dancey. My songwriting is similar but the final sound is fresher I suppose. 

What sort of world do you hope you’re kids grow up in?

A tolerant one. A kind one. A conscientious one. I meet young people today and they’re passionate about equality and passionate about the environment and correcting that damage we’ve done. I hope our kids just keep forging forward. 

Australia recently legalised gay marriage; what are your feelings on this? What are some other important campaigns we can support for the LGBTQI community?

I’m thrilled for you guys. Australia always led the world in tolerance towards our community so it’s surprising that it’s taken this long to be honest! I was shocked also that it was put to a public vote, that must have made it a very difficult period to live through for the community. I know it was bad enough with Brexit in the UK and that wasn’t a personal attack on me. I’m just thrilled for you. We have to support our trans friends now and just keep forging ahead till everyone can be who they want to be without fear. 

How has the queer community shaped who you are/your music career?

The queer community is who I am. They’ve supported my work and made my music career possible. No one was paying any attention before they embraced me quite frankly! I’m proud to be part of what I consider an international family. No matter where you are in the world it always feels like I’m amongst friends. I love our community and I’m super proud of the bravery that’s been shown whilst moving things forward. 

Are there any Australian acts on your radar?

6. Toby Beard is supporting me on my trip to Australia this time. We met in Germany at the L-Beach festival. She’s awesome and super talented. If you don’t know her, which many of you do in Perth, then check her out.

What are you most looking forward to about visiting WA?

Can I be honest? The sunshine. And the people. I love you guys. 

Catch Heather Peace at Mojos Bar Fremantle on the eve of IWD: March 7th. Tickets here:

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